halal feature: Midcity Kebab @ Auckland, New Zealand

Let’s talk about a different continent. Let’s fly to New Zealand, a beautiful land of volcanic craters and macho Maori dudes covered in tattoos. A gorgeous and peaceful country. Some find it boring, too quiet one might say. But for someone who has been living in the middle of KL’s hustle and bustle and sleeping with the sounds of car engines revving as my lullaby, to me quiet is good, very good.

Halal food is pretty easy to find in Auckland. Well, maybe not as easy as in Sydney or Melbourne, but still ok. Even the biggest shopping mall in Auckland (called Dress-Smart) has a halal stall at their food court.

Today I’m going to feature a kebab place that I came across by sheer coincidence, smack in the middle of the city centre. It’s called Midcity Kebab. Said to serve the best kebab in Auckland. Also serves fried chicken and burgers. Located next door to Pearl Factory. Across the road are Bank of New Zealand, ANZ Bank and McDonalds.

Address: 239A Queen St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

Has a counter with stools and a small table where you can eat-in, but I rather advise you to take-out and go eat at the beautiful Albert Park nearby.

In case you are wondering, that's my mum waiting for her kebab to be ready :-)

Here it is on Google map:

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niSamiR said...

me dulu kat auckland kat airpot jer..transit before to wellington..miss nz so much kan..pleasant view n all..best kan..hehe

dieya said...

laa.. apesal tak jalan2 kejap? anyway your sis is in wellington kan?
yeah nz is such a beautiful country! a few friends of mine went for road trips there, heard their great stories, wanna do that too! next time i wanna go to the south island.. go to christchurch, see the places they filmed LOTR.. *closing my eyes imagining i'm there already* mmmmm!