halal feature: Alzahra @ Madrid, Spain

This restaurant is located at the lower ground of Mezquita de Madrid @ Madrid Central Mosque @ Abu-Bakr Mosque, adjacent to Centro Cultural Islamico. To get there take the metro to Barrio de la Concepción station on Línea 7, it’s about 700 meters walk from the metro station. Once you exit the station, walk towards Calle de la Virgen de África, then into Calle de Estaban Mora. From there you can already see the mosque, which is on Calle Salvador de Madariaga. Enter the mosque’s gate, turn left and take the staircase down to the lower ground. An elevator is also available. Alzahra is a very nicely setup restaurant. The waiters are nice and helpful. The food is fantastic.

A “menu del día” costs EUR 11.90, comes with starter (soup or salad), main course (chicken or beef), desert (fruit or flan), bread and drink.

Sopa de harirara, a typical Morrocan soup.

Sopa alzahra. I guess it’s their specialty.

Try the musáqqa’a (beef with melted cheese), very delicious!

The tayín is very filling. Yummy too.

Flan, every Spanish restaurant serves this. Tastes like crème caramel.

The entrance to the restaurant.

That’s where it’s located. You can see the signboard from the entrance. I sent this photo to Zabihah website to share with others how the place actually looks like (see it here). Sadly they have no respect of copyright and branded the photo as their own, without mentioning who the contributor is. No wonder most of their featured restaurants are without photos, people must have regretted sending photos to them!

The opening hours. It’s closed on Mondays and Sunday evenings.

The Google map is below. FYI if you do your own search on Google map and type “Alzahra” it will point you to somewhere near to the junction of Calle de Brecia, which is WRONG (someone must have wrongly marked it and no one knows how to change it). As I said earlier, the restaurant is in the same building as Mezquita de Madrid, hence you should type “Mezquita de Madrid” instead, and then only you will get the right direction. Anyway, here’s the RIGHT direction to the restaurant on Google map.

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shahidah said...

very useful thank u :)

dieya said...

u r most welcome :-)

Asif said...


You've done an excellent job for halal eaters. I'm going to Madrid airport tomorrow to pickup someone and have no idea where to take my guest to for lunch before driving back to Valencia but now I know :)

I too travel a lot and most of the time I refer to IslamicFinder for Mosques and Halal food at the destination which had been very helpful however at times the info there isn't accurate or the place was listed years ago and doesn't exist anymore.

Thanks again for all the good work!


dieya said...

hi asif,
thanks you so much, it feels really good to know that you find my entry useful.
yes, i totally recommend this restaurant. the setup is nice, a very appropriate place for you to treat a guest.
i too refer to IslamicFinder a lot, but as you said, sometimes the info is outdated.
you are most welcome. do share the halal places that you find during your travel too :-)
enjoy your meal in madrid and have safe trip back to valencia!

mariem said...

Salam alikom, I would like to ask about the prices in the restaurant next to the mosque. Is it expensive to eat there, for example if I just want one dish and not a menu of the day? Thank you!

dieya said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Meriam,
I think the price is affordable. Definitely worth a visit.

Harliza Zakaria said...

Salam Dieya,
I'm going to Madrid next week.
Any suggestion on accomodation & places to visit.
Thank you for the food info.

dieya said...

W'salam Harliza,
Oh dear, i'm so sorry for the super late reply. Been really busy.
I would suggest you to stay around Gran Via (the main shopping street). As for places to visit, go to the palace, Plaza Mayor, Santiago Bernabeu and walk along Gran Via. If you have a day to spend, take a train and go to Toledo, it's a really charming place.
Have a great trip!