fun + office = ^_^

Yesterday was fun fun fun at the office! I know some people don’t believe the words “fun” and “office” can exist in the same sentence, but hey, they can to me!

The party was awesome. I wrote loads about it for Living MH blog (official blog by Malaysia Airlines employees) but it is yet to be published. Heh my blogging skills do have some use after all! I just submitted it to the editor this afternoon, guess it has to undergo a few rounds of screenings before they can put it on the blog. Once it’s up I’ll definitely link it here.

The entrance to the party scene. I so love how they put the balloons together like that!

The gifts that we exchanged among us. I bought the one on the right-most (brown paper bag with pink polka dots and stripes). What’s inside? A Cleef handbag. Since I wouldn’t know who would receive it, I had to I put a card saying “this gift is for a LADY” just to be sure it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands :-p

Nothing beats old style ala-kampung food. Ayam masak lemak cili padi, sambal ikan tenggiri, kerabu pucuk paku and sambal belacan. Heavenly!

We sat on the floor and ate the ala-kampung way!

Look out for more stories on the party in Living MH blog, though I have no idea when it will appear there ;-)


niSamiR said...

dieya..just that ur working uniform???

dieya said...

hahaha no.. it's our corporate t-shirt. we r supposed to wear it every wednesday. but since the party was on thursday we shifted it for a day.