error message

Have you seen this error message when you come to my blog?

I have, many times. Very annoying. There’s nothing much I can do when it appears. It doesn’t matter if I click “Send Error Report” or “Don’t Send”, it will close down all Internet Explorer windows that are open at that point of time. Clicking the blue font that says “click here” brings me to the following window.

As you can see there are two more “click here” links, one takes me to a looooong list of programming codes full of indigestible numbers and letters, the other to the page on Microsoft’s privacy policy.

I have no idea what is the root cause of this problem. It only started happening recently. At first I thought it’s because I’ve been embedding too many Google maps over the past few days on my halal feature entries. But then when I open the entries individually or even as a group under the tab “halal”, the error message doesn’t appear. I’ve also tried opening every single entry that I’ve posted in the year 2010. Still, everything’s fine, no error message popping up.

The only time the error message appears is when I open the main page, the root directory, the very central point that links my blog to the rest of the world -

Hence I’m wondering, what is it that’s different on the main page that causes this error message to appear? Or is it my computer that’s problematic?

First and foremost, I’m no IT geek, I don’t even know where to start looking for the error. Secondly, if by some sort of miracle I actually found it, I definitely have no idea how to go about fixing it.

So if any of you guys out there have experienced this before or know how to fix it, do let me know. Need some expert guidance here, thanks in advance!


Erin said...

whatever u're experiencing doesnt happen to me. i havent any clue either, sorry mate...i wish i could help

dyanna said...

nerd squad to the rescue!

1. I don't receive the error message at all. But it doesn't mean that ur computer has a problem (yet). Run through virus scan pls.

2. I think it's a genuine website problem, because whenever I go to ur main page, the scrolling of the page becomes very slow. When I'm browsing ur site with my phone, it automatically closes to window after loading. (frustrating!)

3. Maybe there's a bug in the html script. Trace back the changes you made recently. Do some reverse engineering, remove the latest addition of widgets, links (some links are nasty), adverts, etc. Do them one by one if you want to pin point the source. kalau tak buang semua.

4. Have you tried opening ur site using Mozilla? Maybe it's not compatible with IE?

5. It nothing else works, change the blog layout to a simpler one. (i had this problem, that's why my blog is just white :/ )


Wawa Vtec said...

babe, i dont get any error message. it works find on my window.perhaps, it's something to do with browser?

dieya said...

it's ok mate, glad to know you don't get such problem :-)

thanks so much for the tips! just what i needed!
i tried opening the main page using mozilla using my campus computer, guess what it worked fine. perhaps it's the IE? hmmm..?
i'll try removing the fancy schmancey stuff one by one later, see if it works. perhaps i'll start with the blog skin.. oh no.. i really love those cute colorful cars.. *sad*

thank goodness u don't get it either. perhaps it's my lappy then. guess i gotta run the virus scan like dyanna suggested!

Tawel Sensei said...

Meh, works fine with my IE. But my IE is the latest version though! It's either your widgets' problem or your local IE ecosystem has been so messed up.

dieya said...

glad that you don't get it either! looks like i'm the only one facing the problem, better that way than the other way round though. now i'm pretty sure it's my IE. will run the virus scan, if it's still there guess i'll have to call the IT guy to reinstall my IE :-S