bad bad bad

This is bad. BAD. I gained 2.5 kgs in barely 2 weeks! I started 2010 weighing 45 kgs. I'm now 47.5 kgs. Bad bad bad.

What happen to my new year’s resolution to exercise regularly to maintain my hard-earned ideal weight? Yes, I've resumed my swimming session, in fact I just went to one yesterday.

So what happened? What went wrong? What made me gained so much weight over such a short time? Let's see.

1) Nasi lemak: Too much nasi lemak in the morning. I used to only drink low fat Anlene milk for breakfast. For the past few weeks I've been eating more nasi lemak than I had the entire month before.

2) Nasi goreng: Somehow I've been craving for nasi goreng for lunch. Nasi goreng kampung, nasi goreng seafood, then nasi goreng ayam last Friday and most recently nasi goreng ikan masin yesterday. I used to eat just plain rice and only a small portion at that. I just realized how much rice and oil I've allowed my body to consume these few days alone *sigh*

3) Fried chicken: If lunch craving is nasi goreng, then for dinner it's fried chicken. Hanged out at a friend's place over the weekend and ate KFC fried chicken. Came home from class on Monday and went to pasar malam just to buy fried chicken. Went to McD to meet a friend last night and ordered fried chicken. What's up with me fried chicken? I have no idea. By the way, the spicy fried chicken at McD last night wasn't even as tasty as I remembered. Or perhaps because I've been eating too much fried chicken!

4) Late dinner: I often skip dinner as it's one of the fastest way to lose weight. Yet lately I've been coming home from class or swimming feeling hungry and without willpower to curb it, unlike before. So I eat. Just imagine, my class finishes at 9:30 pm, by the time I reach home its 10 pm, yet I still eat! How bad is that?! Worse, I even eat after I finish swimming, defeating the purpose of doing the exercise in the first place. What's wrong with me?!

5) Chocolates and junk food: I stock up some quality chocs in my fridge and used to eat them only once in a while, a piece at a time. Yet lately I've been attacking it almost every day. I also usually avoid eating junk food, yet I had a box of popcorn and a pack of cheese flavored Twisties while watching Avatar last weekend. I also had a pack of kerepek pisang after a nasi lemak dinner when I got home from swimming. Go figure. Oh, top that with a piece of Paton’s macadamia nut chocolate too. The wrong-est of all diets gone wrong.

So I guess there isn't much science needed to figure out why my weight loss regime has gone horribly wrong. I need to jump back onto the wagon IMMEDIATELY. The longer I wait, the worse it will get. Now I understand why those people from shows like "The Biggest Loser", "Extreme Makeover" and "Swan" easily revert back to their pre-weight loss figure when they are no longer in the shows. Losing weight is easy, maintaining it is the real challenge, especially so when you are on your own. No fitness coach to scream at you, no cameras following to scrutinize every workout, no rivals to fight over who loses more pounds etc.

Today I make a vow: to cut down carbo and oil intake by a LOT. I vow to get back to my healthy eating habit of just a little rice and lots of veges. I need to shed that extra kilos fast. Gosh, I feel so bloated already. I need to lose weight!

Some people may think what a vain b*tch I am, 2.5 kgs add-on and I'm already on a regime. Hear this, if I don't start now, then when? 2.5 kgs can turn to 5 kgs in matter of days, then suddenly it's 10 kgs, then 20 kgs, then all the hard work I had gone through for months to get myself in shape will go down the drain. No, that's not what I want.

I need my motivation back to continue doing exercises. I need my willpower back to say no to bad food. I need to get myself on track after a long vacation during which I let loose of everything, including my fitness and health regime. The only reason I didn't pile up so much pounds at that time was because I walked a lot and didn't eat rice as frequently.

So come and join me people, let us lose some weight and lead a healthy lifestyle!


marmarn said...

lawatan balas ;)
wowww... sooo informative blog and owhhh dear, u really travel here and there. jeles ok! i wish to pint southeastasia this year. jom!
btw, i met messi in person when i visited nuo camp. kukukakikukaku ok frantic! tho kenyataannye i x suka barcelona! hahah.. go madrid go madrid! chelsea always in my heart true blue thru n thru :)

dieya said...

OOOHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDD!!!!! u met messi on person???!!! i am so horribly jealous right now!!!!!!
madrid? huhhh! u bleh geng ngan adik i laa :-p

Erin said...

ko kemaruk mkn makanan m'sia nie after nearly a month travelling. u can do it mate! u're my inspiration hehe

dyanna said...

lets! I'm also noticing that some of my jeans are getting tight *erk*

2.5kg is seberat seekor kucing yg sedang membesar :)

dieya said...

hahaha ye laa kot? yet i've been telling myself i don't miss rice coz still makan nasi beyani kat kedai pakistan kat sana. am i in denial?

anyway i just weighed myself tonight - the arrow landed slightly before 47 kgs. yay! hopefully by sunday dapat turun at least to 46 kgs. ingat nak turun till 45 kgs tapi macam over-stretched je goal ni.. trying my best though!

dieya said...

dyanna.. omigod.. seekor kucing?? baru kusedari berat rupanya 2.5 kg tu! huhuhu.. terus rasa nak gi aerobik this sunday!
psst.. org pregnant pun lahirkan baby dalam 2.5 kg kan? omigod! i so have to shed the fat fast!

dyanna said...

lol.. now that we've put that weight into perspective, the issue now seems more serious! LOL again.