back to school again

I'm back to school today! Just like hundreds of thousands of school kids that begin their new term today, I too begin my new semester of MBA program. That's right, I've decided to continue doing MBA. I do have my doubts. Is this the right thing to do? Can I take up the challenge? Am I going to cry my eyeballs out wanting to quit like last time? Well, I did pray that if it's good for me to continue, let me pass my first semester with flying colors. And I did pass with flying colors (at least to me), unless if you consider only 4.00 suffice for flying colors. So I guess the fate is I am continuing my MBA for another semester.

I had fun at class today. Lots of discussions, which I really enjoyed. I've decided to take 2 elective subjects this semester. Elective classes are usually smaller, but I certainly didn't expect to see only 4 students! I missed last week's class as I was on my flight home, my classmate said there were 6 students then, now there are only 4 of us. Our lecturer said the faculty requires at least 5 students in a class, or the class will be cancelled, which means I will have to take the subject some other semester when it's reoffered. I really wish more students come and join the class so we can go on with it this semester anyway!

It's also downtime for Spanish class now. Haven't even got my results from the previous level yet, hence it's going to be a while till the next level starts. I really miss learning Spanish! I guess having just returned from Spain makes me appreciate the language a lot more. Fortunately I have a stack of Spanish conversation cds in my car that I can listen to and practice with. That should save my Spanish from getting rusty.

I'm planning to go for a swim tomorrow, my first dip into the pool in 2010. Already got my gears packed. Hope the weather will be kind to me tomorrow. May the motivation stay on!

Sticky note: I've posted 3 entries on my travel here, here and here over the long new year weekend. 3 entries, 3 different cities. The second one is on my visit to Santiago Bernabéu, which was awesome! With videos too!


niSamiR said...

jap dieya...full time student ke?and on the same time u r working right?

dieya said...

haih.. part time je laa nisa. i'm still working. need the $$$ babe!

Wawa Vtec said...

babe,i have just gotten ard to blog-hop u (during office hours- whoopsie!hihikz)

hats off to u dear for pursuing ur studies.i barely made it alive finishing off my mba.hihiks.anyhow, dun take it frm me - saya bdk malas blaja :p

anyhow dieya, apology accepted. no worries abt tt. i'm sooo glad u enjoyed ur trip.perhaps, i missed an entry but did u get to go rome.hopefully to get there someday :(

Erin said...

good luck mate! keep the fire burnin' hehe...

dieya said...


budak malas belajar??? u got ur thesis published, that's a huge deal! yeah i did go to rome, it was my last destination, so i haven't talked about it much yet. will definite post at least a couple of entries on rome. keep an eye on the panel on the right, when it's up i'll put a link there :-)


thanks mate! gotta work had to keep my grades. kalau tak malu laa kat semua org, satu dunia dah tau ni.. hahaha!