adding and dropping

It's add-drop week at UM GSB and it will go on till 15 Jan 2010, which means students are hopping from one class to another, shopping for the most suitable subjects. I've already decided which subjects to take so I don't have to do any shopping, or so I thought.

Yesterday was the first class of my second subject. The class supposed to start at 6:30pm. By then only 3 students came. With so few students, there was a good chance that the class would be closed. Yet without any formal announcement from the faculty, we didn't dare to leave. Furthermore one of my classmates said she just asked the office before coming to class, they said it's still on.

So we waited. 6:45pm, the lecturer still nowhere to be seen. The 3 of us were getting restless. 6:55pm, we couldn't wait anymore. One of us packed up and left to check out other classes. If this class was going to be closed, we better start shopping for other subjects. The other one followed me to the office to ask what was going on.

The lady at the office told me that the class was definitely on, no cancellation. Yet what happened to the lecturer? I insisted the lady to call the lecturer, we had waited for her in the classroom for almost half an hour for goodness sake!

She went to the back, made the call, I saw her speaking on the phone for a few minutes. Then she came to me and broke the news: the lecturer said there were too few people registered for the subject so she was thinking of closing the class. Oh no!

After going through the timetable, I decided to jump into MIS class, one of the core subjects. It was a pretty interesting class. Big class, about 20 students for today's session alone, and it has 3 sessions in a week.

So that's how it goes, I'm dropping one of my elective subjects and adding MIS instead. One accounts subject and one IT subject to keep me busy this semester. Weird combination, still I hope it works for me!

Sticky note: A new travel entry is up here, featuring IMAX 3D and a place called El Raval where you can find quite a number of halal restaurants in Barcelona.

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