santiago bernabéu, mezquita de madrid, teatro de la zarzuela

We had a quick breakfast and headed to our most anticipated venue in Madrid: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - the home of Real Madrid football club!

The ticket window. Tour ticket costs EUR 15 each.

Welcome to Real Madrid museum! I wonder why I made that face, perhaps because I’m a Barca fan ;-)

Players’ professional football licenses on display.

The trophy case.

The million-dollar signature - Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation shirt.

Raul’s boots.

A cold morning at the stadium. Specks of snow on the floor.

Hey I got to sit on the players’ bench!

Yes, I stepped on the ground in my spiked boots. Did I just hear some footie fans crying? ;-)

This is where Cristiano Ronaldo touches-up his hair.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu from the outside.

Hz took several videos during the tour. Being a Zidane fan, he was in awe of the stadium the entire tour!

A view from the upper seats.

My little brother explaining the science behind maintaining stadium grass.

Inside the changing room. “Ini toilet tempat berak kencing semua” he said. Good job Mr. Narrator :-p

Me and Sergio Ramos! Muahs!

Then we headed to Madrid's mosque. There's an Arab restaurant downstairs (at the basement inside the mosque complex) where we had our lunch.

The beautiful Mezquita de Madrid @ Madrid Central Mosque @ Abu-Bakr Mosque.

Hz went to do prayers. This time around I let him do it as I could see him from the outside through the glass wall. While he was inside, I took several photos of the mosque.

The wide open space in the centre.

The walkway.

The entrance to the prayer hall.

No matter what language you speak, it has the same meaning.

In the evening we went to watch zarzuela, a type of traditional Spanish opera, at Teatro de la Zarzuela. Since it was Wednesday the tickets were cheaper and the show was earlier.

Inside the theatre. Hz's initial reaction was "So many old people!" Hahaha!

The show that we watched - Los Sobrinos de Capitan Grant. It was fun!

The final bow from the casts. ¡Bravo!

In front of the theatre as we left. There were so many people as the show was full house!


Erin said...

wow, dpt masuk changing room ek? cool! eventho i dont like real, i bet i would be in awe gak tgk stadium tu...masuk sini oooh, masuk sana, aaah...hihi

dieya said...

hahaha itulah! any footie fan will be in awe laa mate. aku ni pun (yg sepatutnya musuh ketat real) tengok jamban dia yg stainless steel tu dah terpegun :-p

Erin said...

haha, that's really funny...kagum tgk jamban, i bet i would too :P

patiently waiting for italia trip hehe..

knitfreak-to-be said...

u heard me crying alrite ;p

dieya said...

hahaha i thought so! ;-)

naniz said...

Salam sis,

I'm Sumarni from Singapore. I wanted to do you get to the Mezquita in Madrid?

naniz said...

oh...u can email me at

Thank you!

dieya said...

salam to you too! for the benefit of everyone who might be wondering the same, the directions to Mezquita de Madrid is actually here in my other entry:

alzahra restaurant is at the mosque's lower ground floor, so if your reach the restaurant, you'll reach the mosque, vice versa.

have a great trip!

Dr Aishah said...

Salam,We shall be going to madrid-granada end of this month. dlm proses na book hotel. plz recommend safe and convenient hotel in madrid. sampaimadrid 2pm.plan to stay a night before heading for cardoba ( 1 night) then granada. appreciate it.TX

dieya said...

w'salam dr.,
nice talking to your over emails. hope you had a great stay in spain!

Linnie Dimmitt said...

I'm glad to see a Barcelona fan visiting Real Madrid’s home stadium. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. Even if I am a Madridista, I admire Barca players too, as they truly show magnificent skills on the field. We’re all football fans, after all. :) Anyhow, who’s your favorite football player? You should have his replica jersey! Hehehe.
Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express