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First of all, I'd like to wish "Happy Newlyweds" to my lovely friend Wawa who just tied the knot with her soul mate Zulkamal over the weekend. Congrats to you both! Secondly, I'd like to make a public apology to Wawa for missing her big day:

Wawa dear, I'm so very sorry for not coming to your reception on Sunday, even though I have RSVP-ed! I even bought new shoes to match my freshly tailored baju kurung moden that I planned to wear to your wedding, yet I didn't make it there. I know that I owe you a huge SORRY x 1,000,000! Can't wait to see pretty pics of you on your big day, do upload them soon!

At the risk of sounding as if I'm trying to justify my absence from Wawa's wedding, these past few days had been pretty hectic for me. It was monthly accounts closing at work. At home, I needed to get some important stuff sorted. Alhamdulillah all have been settled yesterday. How did I celebrate it? Scrapping!

I have no idea what possessed me last night that made me want to do some scrapping. Perhaps I've been bitten by Maz's and Faz's scrapper bugs. My creation is nowhere near their masterpieces, after all I'm still new to this. I have lots to learn from those sifus, especially on how to stick papers together without getting glue smudges everywhere!

My humble creation. There's a funny story about this book. I actually bound it before designing the front cover (used black cards for both front and back covers). The content has a mix of portrait and landscape layouts, some single-sided, some double-sided, so it's really easy to get the entire thing mixed up. The guy at the binding shop already completed 3/4 of the binding process when suddenly I realized he was binding it on the right gutter instead of the left!

So there you go, my book opens in reverse! Can't blame the guy, he actually asked me at least 3 times if he got it right, but I was too preoccupied with choosing colored papers that I just said yes every time. The fault was entirely mine.

Since I'm not willing to redo the entire book again, I've decided to live with it (quite a big decision for a someone with a bit of OCD.. heh!) Oh well, at least I've got the cover nicely done. By the way, love the clear binding rings! Never seen those in that color (or colorless) before. Pretty cool!

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dyanna said...

macam mana u boleh tahan dengan binding kat tempat salah :P