rome wasn’t built in a day

It's Christmas Eve in Rome. As I watched the local news this morning, there were a lot of stories about delayed/cancelled trains all over Italy yesterday. Angry passengers even assaulted the trains, causing the police to intervene. I could only imagine their desperation, it must be so awful not being able to spend the holidays with your loved ones due to unforeseen circumstances such as this. Imagine if the same were to happen in Malaysia during Eid, how sad that would be.

Today we went to several must-see places in Rome. First we walked up the Monte Capitolino @ Capitolino Hill. It was pretty early (about 8:30am), Hz wanted to go to Musei Capitolini but it wasn't opened yet, so we took some pics at Piazza del Campidoglio instead. Then we walked down to Foro Romano @ Roman Forum and the Palatino area. Spent hours there admiring the traces of ancient civilization. Magnifico!

A very quiet Piazza del Campidoglio in the morning.

Nativity scene at the plaza.

Looks like someone just sent him an sms ;-)

What is Rome without ruins? Photo of Foro Romano, taken from the top of the hill.

As we walked downhill, we passed by Foro di Nerva.

This is Foro Romano, one huge area filled with history.

Somehow I had a stomach upset right there and then at the historical site. Thank God there was a public toilet there! So there I was, in front of the spot where I left my personal piece of history among the remains of ancient Rome :-P

Sitting on where a great civilization once stood tall.

Retaining walls on Colle Palatino @ Palatine Hill.

F.Y.I. the above pics don’t do justice to how amazing these places look like in reality. In actual fact I took so many pics of the ancient remains but I can’t possibly put everything here. Excavations are still going on in the area as we speak. So take these as teasers, then go to Rome and see for yourself. To some people they may just be ruins, but to me these places are great pieces of history no one should miss.

Then we went to Colosseo @ Colleseum which was nearby. I was glad that we went to the forum first and bought the combo tix (Palatino + Foro + Colosseo) for EUR 12 per pax. Hence we could skip the super long queue at Colosseo's entrance coz we already got tix :-)

This used to be the place gladiators fight.

The view inside is even more incredible.

Colosseo’s inner walls.

We spent quite a long time at the Colosseo till it started drizzling. Then we quickly walked to Piazza Venezia and down along Via del Corso.

Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II @ National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II at Piazza Venezia.

Christmas tree in the middle of the plaza.

Went to the Pantheon. Such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Inside the Pantheon.

The hole in the roof allowed raindrops to fall into the middle. What a lovely sight.

Stopped by to take some pix of Piazza Colonna.

Went inside Galleria Alberto Sordi for a while. It's a shopping mall. Big Christmas tree in the lobby.

Walked down Via dei Condotti towards Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti, better known as the Spanish Steps. So many designer boutiques along the road! A funny incident when we went into a Prada store to look for a wallet for Angah. Didn't find anything with the right design and price, so I just said thank you to the salesperson who was a very nice lady. She replied with a smile, "You are welcome. You are also welcome to come again and buy!" Hahaha!

There were many people hanging out at the Spanish Steps though it was drizzling.

Fontana della Barcaccia opposite the steps.

This Gucci boutique right opposite the Spanish Steps held a fond memory. It was where my dad bought me my first ever designer item years ago - a pink Gucci handbag that I loved to death. I could count with barely ten fingers the number of times I used the bag, which were during really special occasions. Once I used it during Eid my mum gave me a stern warning to keep a close eye at it, fearing that I would smear it with rendang!

On the way back we bought pizza at a halal pizzeria near Termini station. I just found out that there were many (perhaps 4 that I encountered today) halal eateries around the area, selling pizza, kebab and Indian/Pakistani food. Yay, many choices to try! Will talk about them on my halal feature later.

I also discovered a stretch of well-lit and safer-looking road leading to our hotel. Felt much better, at least if we were to return slightly later it wouldn't be as scary as the road we used yesterday!


Erin said...

colleseum! lol, u've left your piece of history all over europe mate..

dieya said...

hahaha! u know there's a saying in malay, if u dump at someone's house u r definitely coming back to visit? i guess i'm going back to rome sometime in the future!

Erin said...

hihi, time perhaps i'll tag along ;)