rain or shine, shopping’s still fine!

Shopping day. It rained the entire day, but that didn't dampen my mood one bit. We will be leaving Barcelona tomorrow, hence we MUST shop today.

We started with malls around Plaça Catalunya. El Triangle is more for gadget geeks, there's a huge branch of FNAC (an electronic store cum bookstore) there. Then we walked down the road to El Corte Inglés. Along the way there are various outlets like Zara, Mango etc.

Had a drink at Starbucks while waiting for El Triangle to open.

After shopping we had lunch at a Pakistani restaurant. I ate a huge serving of rice, I was amazed that I could finish the entire plate! Shopping in cold weather must be really tiring ;-)

I finished this all by myself!

Then we took the train to Maria Cristina station and covered 4 malls along Avinguda Diagonal, 2 of them El Corte Inglés. Between Barcelona and Madrid we must have gone to 10 different branches of El Corte Inglés!

Pedralbes Centre beautifully decorated with Christmas lights.

This El Corte Inglés is pretty huge. It also houses upscale outlets like Louis Vuitton, Loewe etc.

Apart from Mango and Zara (two Spanish fashion brands that Malaysians are used to), I think there’s another one that’s worth noticing – Desigual. I’ve been eyeing Desigual t-shirts at almost every El Corte Inglés we went to. The designs are really cool! The thing is they are also very expensive, circa EUR 50 each. That’s RM 250 for one t-shirt, mind you. So I finally decided not to get one (albeit with a heavy heart). It’s just too expensive.

I totally love this top!

This one ain’t too shabby either!

This short dress is simply gorgeous. I bet it’s more expensive though!

Note: All photos are courtesy of Desigual's website.

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