places where romans bathed and raced

We started our day a bit later today to allow for time for malls to open. It’s Boxing Day, they might still be closed, but we wanted to try our luck anyway.

We headed to Cinecittà suburb, where a huge mall called Cinecittà Due was located. Unfortunately it was closed. Snapped some pictures instead.

A park near Cinecittà Due.

Inside the Metro (Red Line). The Red Line trains are new and clean. Totally opposite to Blue Line trains which are old covered with grafitti.

Headed to MAS (not Malaysia Airlines!), a mall in the city. Still closed. There was a stall nearby where I bought a long furry sweater for EUR 6. So cheap! Since most malls would be closed anyway, I decided that we should go sightseeing instead. We already covered nearly all tourist attractions that we wanted to see, so there weren't many left to go to.

First we went to Terma di Caracalla. It's a huge complex of ancient Roman baths, pools, gyms and so on. Kind of like our modern day health club.

This is how it used to look like.

The complex is really big. No wonder it could provide so many facilities.

Then we walked to Circo Massimo. It used to be chariot racing stadium and mass entertainment venue. Now there’s nothing much there, just a wide field filled with pebbles.

Just now I’ve shown you how a Red Line train looks like. This is how a Blue Line train looks like.

Going from Circo Massimo to Termini. Back to our hotel. Gotta pack up our stuff tonight. Going home tomorrow!


Erin said...

hey, the boots are back! hehe. ala, nak balik dah...end of the trip, no more stories to read :( hihi...aku plak emo :P

dieya said...

yeah! gotta feature the boots one last time b4 going home ;-)
yeah.. aku pun emo juga nak balik. this was the point i finally came to terms that the vacation was ending, had to go back to reality *sigh*