out-of-blog notice

This blog will be collecting dust for the next couple of weeks. Tonight I'll be embarking on a journey to several cities in continental Europe. When I get home in +/- 20 days I'll tell you all about it. If I can get internet access at some point during my travel, I'll try to drop a few lines so you guys won't miss me so much ;-)

Oh I'm so giddy about my trip *big grin* yippie! Pray for my safe journey will ya? Till then, bye!


Erin said...

going to italy kah?? waah, tersgtlah jelesnye! cepat2 balik & tell us all about the trip

knitfreak-to-be said...

nice, backpacking europe I see, good for you :) best nyee!!! boleh practise espanol..

dyanna said...

have fun!! waiting patiently for the pics and exciting stories you will be sharing.