the medieval city of toledo

Today we went to Toledo. Took an early speed train at 7:50am and reached there half an hour later. Toledo wasn't a part of my initial itinerary, it was suggested by Tawel who backpacked throughout Spain a few years back. To Tawel: Thanks for the suggestion. You are right, Toledo is a wonderful place!

I honestly think that Toledo is a gem that people often miss out when they go to visit Spain, as it is not as popular as Madrid or Barcelona or even Granada. However it is actually one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, that itself says a lot about the city. Back in its glory days, Toledo was the place Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in peace and harmony, a period known as La Convivencia @ The Coexistence.

Toledo is a city within a fort. People actually live within its medieval walls until now. The roads are very narrow and often one-way, so pedestrians often have to fight for space to walk with passing cars. It is extremely important to be on high alert while walking so won’t risk being run-over!

Toledo train station and the train that brought us there. That’s the city, on the top of the hill.

It was -3 celcius in Toledo when we got there. There was snow everywhere.

Bridges, towers, high walls. So medieval!

Puerta de Bisagra, from where we entered the city.

As I walked along the narrow stone-paved roads, I really felt as if I went back into the old times of horses and chariots!

A typical shop in Toledo selling swords, armors and traditional gold handicrafts.

Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo @ Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo.

An old mosque - Mezquita de Cristo de la Luz. It was under restoration so we couldn't go in.

Another mosque – Mezquita de Las Tornerias.

Left or right?

Puente de San Martín, a very medival bridge.

The view was breathtaking!

Toledo is famous for sword making. Hz insisted to see how it’s done. We went to this shop, there wasn't any sword being made on that day, but the owner was really nice he gave us a tour around his workshop.

Gracias Señor!

Another thing that Toledo is famous for – mazapan. It’s a traditional Christmas candy made of almond and honey (yummy!). The shop from where I bought the mazapan I called Santo Tomé‎, said to make the best mazapan in Toledo. It has been in existence since 1856, well that says something!

In the evening we walked back to Toledo train station to return to Madrid. Look at the inside of the station, a history by itself!

If you are ever in Madrid, do go to Toledo for a day. Get yourself lost within its medieval walls (like I did!). Enjoy every step of the paved roads. You definitely won't regret it!


Erin said...

suka laa tgk old buildings kat europe...kagum kejap. lorong2 kecik tu mcm kat Rome je (haha, mcmla penah g kan :P)

dieya said...

i think lorong2 kecik tu mmg typical to continental europe. sangat seronok jalan2 kat situ.. rasa macam dlm movie dolu2! alaa mate.. tak lama lagi sampai laa ko!

Tawel said...

After several 'harassment' from me, at last you set your foot there! Ada beli pedang ke? Hehe.

dieya said...

hahaha.. indeed!
ada. pedang saiz 2 inci tampal kat fridge :-p
actually my adik really wanted to buy a sword, i practically had to stomp my feet and say no. there was no way i would lug that thing all around during the trip! moreover sudahlaa kita ni muslim, time dekat2 xmas pulak, bawak pedang ke hulu ke hilir around europe.. tak pasal2 ada yg naik nama kat fbi nanti!