leaving barcelona.. already???

After spending the whole day shopping yesterday, it was really tough to wake up. Fortunately our train to Milan will only leave at 7:38pm. Still, we had to check out from the hotel by noon.

I'm at Estació de França where our train is scheduled to leave. It's only 12:30pm. Guess what, there's no luggage locker in this station! I've asked the officer, apparently the closest left-luggage service is at Estació d'Autobusos (bus station) which is a long walk away. Another option is Estació de Sants which is even further at the opposite side of the city (the station where we arrived from Madrid several days ago).

How can it be such a huge station like this does have luggage locker? Furthermore the station handles long distance trains to/from all over Spain and beyond. Case in point: My train is going to Milan via France, that one journey alone covers 3 different countries. Yet no luggage locker to leave my stuff while waiting for the train? Weird.

Since I'm so not going to carry my huge suitcase across town to find a locker, I've decided to stay here for the next 6 hours or so. Furthermore the closest metro station is about 15-minute walk away. Nope, it's connected to the main station and you have to walk by the roadside. And the thought of having to carry my heavy suitcase up and down metro stations' staircases again, no señor, I'll pass. And it's raining outside, which means it's cold and wet. Better to just stay in till our train arrives.

The station from the outside.

Inside the station. The door leads to the platforms but no entrance/exit allowed. Passengers have to use another door where there’s a security team waiting to x-ray your luggage.

Sortida Ciutat = City Exit. It’s not Spanish, it’s Catalan (Barcelona's official language).

There’s a big empty space in the middle.

A waiting train. Not ours though.

This guy (in black jacket) got his card stuck in the ticket machine. The station officer (in green jacket) came over to help. Took him about 15 minutes to get it out.

Can’t believe I’m already leaving my dream destination. Barcelona, t’estimo! (Barcelona, I love you!) - that’s in Catalan, by the way :-)

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