it's hard to say goodbye

The final day of our great expedition. It felt bittersweet to leave Europe. As the Leonardo Express train left Termini station at 8:57am to bring us to Fiumicino Airport, I looked out the window and recalled what an amazing 2+ weeks it had been! I felt a bit sad to leave, but I was also anxious to be home and tell everyone about the wonderful experience.

Waiting for the train to bring us to the airport.

A view of the tracks at Roma Termini station from where I sat in the train.

This trip had been a dream came true. I had always wanted to explore Europe the way Europeans do, by hopping on one train after another, heading to different cities each time. From windy Paris to snowy Madrid to freezing Toledo to rainy Barcelona and sunny Rome, every city offered great stories to bring home.

The Eurail pass that made this adventure possible.

Would I do this again? In a heartbeat!

Till my next trip - Adieu! Adios! Ciao!


Erin said...

it's been a great story to read,, wishing for my own european adventure ;)

dieya said...

thanks mate, u r one loyal reader and commenter! i'm so glad that someone out there enjoy reading my babblings. the entries also serve as self-reminders of the places i've been, my actual feelings on a particular day at a particular place.. fond memories that i'll always treasure.

i was really emo when i wrote this final entry on board of the train heading to the airport. couldn't believe the trip was ending.. sob.. sob..

can't wait to plan for the nx trip! where to go? wanna come with me?

i'm sure u'll get ur wish really soon, it's just a matter of time :-) if u need a travel companion, i'm here!

Erin said...

suka baca org lain punye personal travel experience...u dont get that by reading magazines. and somehow i feel like i was there hihi...

dieya said...

true.. magazines don't tell you how ppl actually feel at such places. most of the stuff written have been rose-tinted anyway!