imax 3d and el raval

Sunday is when La Rambla comes alive. A lot of artists showing off their arts on the street. Painters, musicians, mime acts, they are all there.

Today I kept my promise to Hz to bring him to watch a IMAX 3D movie. He had been asking for it for days. It was a 40-minute movie about dinosaurs, which was awesome. I never thought I would enjoy watching IMAX 3D movie so much. Then we went to Maremagnum mall next door. Spent quite some time there but didn't purchase much.

IMAX Port Vell theatre, a walking distance from La Rambla.

Inside the theatre, with my 3D glasses. I think I look like Kanye West!

A bunch of kids watching the show.

Sitting on the toilet at Maremagnum mall, watching graffiti on the door.

There’s a Barca store here!

This shop on La Rambla is called Kualalumpur, selling clothes. I kind of regret not checking it out. Next time maybe :-)

Went to Rambla de Raval for a late lunch. There are several halal eateries there, but I must warn you that it's a really dodgy area. Never ever go there when it's dark, period. The only reason I was brave enough to explore the place was because it was in the middle of Sunday afternoon so there was a lot of decent people around.

From what I’ve read, the El Raval (where Rambla de Raval is located) is also called Barri Xinés (Chinatown). But despite of the name, it doesn't have much Chinese influence (if any at all), so don't go there expecting Petaling Street. The local government has done a lot to improve the area, Rambla de Raval is a short walking distance from the main La Rambla anyway. However, like in any city, it's always easier to develop the infrastructures than to develop the people. Hence amidst the modern façade, there are still wary characters around.

On our way back I saw a police car passing by. It made me feel a bit more secured. At least the local government is doing something to make people feel safe walking around the area. Kudos to that!


Erin said...

aah, u do look like kanye lah! lol..

dieya said...

hahaha i thought so!