i'm home!

I'm home! Weeeee! Touched down at KLIA around 6:30am. My dad called around 7:10am to tell me "to all Malaysians, welcome home" - mocking the usual greetings by Malaysia Airlines cabin crew at the end of all KL-bound international flights hahaha! He must have heard it a gazillion times already.

Recalling my final moments at Rome's airport, check-in was normal. Security was a lot tighter than usual, no thanks to that idiot that set off explosives on a Delta flight a day earlier. What a jerk! Because of people like him it became a lot tougher for everyone to travel anywhere, especially so for Muslim travelers. Everybody had taken off their jackets and belts before entering the metal detector. Some had to take off their shoes. I had to take off my head cover, which I put back on as quickly as I passed the security checks, of course.

Once we got our passports stamped, we went to claim our tax refund. After more than 2 weeks of depleting cash, it was good to see money coming in :-D The tax refund process at Fiumicino @ Leonardo da Vinci Airport was really smooth and easy. The customs desk was right next to the refund offices near Gate H. Very convenient.

With fresh cash in hand, what else to do but to continue shopping! Did some last minute tax free shopping, ended up with 2 big plastic bags to hand-carry, hehehe!

We boarded, got the first row so we had ample leg space. I noticed the entire aircraft was almost full of Caucasians. I counted hardly ten Malaysians (or Asian-looking) passengers on board. About 2 hours into the flight, a stewardess asked me if we could swap our seats with an Italian couple with a baby. For those of you who never travelled on long-haul flights with babies, f.y.i. baby cots could only be fixed on the wall facing first row seats. I could only imagine the agony the couple would have to face if they were to hold the baby on their laps for the entire 11-hour flight. So I immediately agreed to swap seats. The father said "grazie" (thank you) to me like five times. It felt so good to be able to help. That's MH - Malaysian Hospitality!

As a token of appreciation, the cabin crew gave Hz a Temptations in-flight shopping bag while I was asleep. Guess what was in it?

Peanuts! Packets and packets of Malaysia Airlines signature salted peanuts, hahaha! I think I'm gonna give them to my mum to distribute at the orphanage where she does her charity work. I bet the kids will love them!


-farahsu- said...

welcome home my kazern! to 'home sweet home' i miss u. hehehe. asik2 tgk keta WKWXXX je. :D .nnt bile dh abes segala 'lag', aku dgn berbesar hati menjemput ko ke rumahku itu untuk ko tonton segala photomu di sana..(ko je lom dtg tau!)
p/s tp klu nk dtg nxt wk la ok.aku di kg kite yang indah nan permai until weekend. ;) .ko tk pulang ke kg?

Aida said...

Dieya... photos please.. letak kat FB la.. senang sket.. Did you shop a lot? If I'm not mistaken they had after Christmas sale and it's quite a bargain.

knitfreak-to-be said...

MAS nye peanut sedap ;) favorite tuh..siap mintak lebih lagi..hehehe..

dieya said...

thank u my darling kazern! this weekend aku pun nak balik kg juga, so kita ketemu di sana. memang teringin yg amat sgt nak menjejak rumah barumu itu. next week laa ye! sila sediakan jamuan besar2an untukku ok! akan kubawa gambar2 ku yg beribu-ribu lemon ini!

banyak sgt gambar tak sempat nak choose lagi. after i pick up the best ones i'll definitely upload them on fb! i did shop quite a bit.. hehehe

tergezut jugak diorg bagi peanuts byk giler. nak abiskan stok kot!

eiseai said...

honestly...u seriously found your dream job. err...trade nak? love ur traveling stories, from one traveler to another. and if i do go on a long haul flight, i hope i meet a seat-giver like you :D

dieya said...

yup, it's definitely a dream job! i'm so thankful to be where i am now :-)
i hope you'll get your balik kampung trip really soon, that would be so fantastic kan! if people don't give you good seats after seeing your 4 eais, memang tersangatlah kejam!

ijannina said...

very interesting entry about the travel dieya. how much you spend for the whole 20 days? teringinnya nak pergi!

dieya said...

hi mon! thanks for dropping by :-)

i spent about RM 5k per person excluding flight tix (coz i used my staff travel benefit), which covered accomodation and trains (the biggest bulk of the spending). then i set aside some budget for food, entrance tickets, metro etc.

go ahead! i do suggest taking trains from one city to another as oppose to flights (only took them when going from kl to paris and coming home from rome). it was my first time travelling that way and i had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

hi dieya,since im just a spouse to a MAS staff,ive heard that the FOC flights covers up to 3 places per trip.How is that exactly eh?adakah begini? KUL-CDG-MAD-FCO-KUL...
-lela nasir

dieya said...

hi lela,
i'm sooooo sorry for the super late reply. been away from blogging for quite some time.
anyway, about the 3-places thingy, as far as i know it only covers the places that MAS flies to. for example, when i traveled to cape town and buenos aires, i used the route KUL-CPT-EZE-CPT-KUL.
for the europe trip, i only fly from KUL-CDG and coming home FCO-KUL. all the places in between, i traveled by train.
hope this helps. let me know if you need more info.

Anonymous said...

thanks dieya..anyway..need to cancel my Euro-trip plan to Rome lah..MAS dah kaput that route..satu tempat je la gayanya..traveling via train macam fun,but im not daring enough lagi to travel via train with my 9 months baby :) thankx for the info one again!! :)

dieya said...

u r most welcome :-)
yeah, rome will be closed. nevermind, once u get to europe, it will be easy to go anywhere. since u hv a baby, train will be too long of a journey. kesian your baby restless nanti, mummy dia pun takleh rest jugak kan.. hehehe..
have fun travelling!