i passed! wahhhhh! i passed!

Omigod.. omigod.. omigod! I’m in shock! I really mean it. SHOCKED! I actually passed my first ever MBA semester exam! I passed! Weeeee!!!!!

You don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!

Alhamdulillah, I passed!

My amigos y amigas who have been following my blog, I’m sure you understand what a big deal this is to me. After all that I had been through, all the steams that I let off here about my studies, you had read it all. I know you can feel me. This is beyond words. The best news of the day. THE BEST.

Alhamdulillah, shukur for the great things that Allah has given me! *teary eyed, really*

So how now? Shall I continue? Hmmm…? Owh, first I got to talk to my dad about this. I bet he’ll be as shocked as I am!

Sticky note: I’ve put up another entry on my travel here. This one features the Louvre, a fashion show and Paris at night.


niSamiR said...

hola hola hola...i am so proud of you!!!congratesss!!congratess babe..u deserve it!!wallaaaa!!!!

eiseai said...

congrats my dear. nice end to 2009 yes? holiday...exam results. i envy you!! have a great 2010. come by lah sentral...we go makan-makan :)

-farahsu- said...

ayoo!! many2 congrats..kan aku dh ckp kau mesti lulus cemerlang, gemilang and terbilang punye la! oits ko tolong doa skali aura pass kau ni pada aku utk result aku bln Feb ni..huhu dag dug dag dug jantung aku (dhle jantung aku beso, lagila berdebar..hahaha)

knitfreak-to-be said...

congrats!! ;)

dieya said...

thank you very much! now barulah semangat nak sambung study.. fikir2 subjects for new sem pulak :-)

thank you very much! definitely a great end to a great year! mmg nak sgt pegi sentral for our gal talk lunch like old times, but between year-end closing and other ppl going on leave susah sikit nak cuti skrg. nanti when everything simmers down i'll definitely take one friday off to have lunch with you and the gang. happy new year to you too!

thank you very much! inshaAllah ko pun akan lulus dgn cemerlang jugak! jgn berdebar sangat karang naik darah tinggi pulak!

- knitfreak-to-be-,
thank you very much!

nufeww said...

Felicidades Dieya..

Erin said...

mate, u cant fail even if u tried lah :P btw, congrats!

dieya said...

muchas gracias malik!

hahaha thanks for the confidence mate!