hola, i'm in madrid! - part II

Guess what, can't attach any photo on e-mail blogger either. Oh well, guess u peeps have to wait till I get home to see the pix. So sorry people!

I've also noticed that I can't post any comment when blogging on the phone. So to answer the comments to the previous posts:

Yes, Italy is definitely part of the itinerary :-)

So far the only Spanish I've practised is hola and gracias.. hahaha! Somehow I meet lots of English speaking Spaniards. Lucky me!

I'll surely write all about it when I get home! About the binding, haih.. the OCD in me really wants to redo everything again! But come to think about the effort, it's ok, I'll pass.. with a heavy heart!


Erin said...

have fun babe...(trying to be nice, tho i'm very jealous

dieya said...

oh janganlah begitu mate.. kwang kwang kwanggg ;-) thanks though!