halal feature: Sydney Fish Market @ Sydney, Australia

I love Sydney fish market. Never before had I paid so little for a good meal of baked lobster with grated cheese. The cholesterol level must be over roof. Oh well, just once in a while wouldn't hurt much ;-)

Getting there is easy. There's a tram station right across the road. The seafood is fabulous. There's no halal sign anywhere, but it's seafood y'all! As long as you are confident that they don't cook it with non-halal stuff it's good to go.

The front view from the roadside.

Enjoying my lobster. Gosh I was so fat back then! Ugh!

The back entrance (jetty) where boats are parked. Come to think about it, do you "park" a boat or is there a different word for it? Roger roger to Erin the English teacher!

On our last day in Sydney we went there again. This time around I ordered a good serving of seafood platter for take-away. Then we went back to the city and hanged out at Hyde Park to enjoy the food. It was sooooo good! Met a couple of American dudes who were impressed with what we were eating. Just look at that pic, I'm salivating already!

Oh I so want to go to Sydney again!


Lizaf said...

Nadiah!!! bile next time nak pergi? liza and batriesya nak ikut!!! hehehe.. :P

dieya said...

jom!!! u sebut je bila ;-)
i totally love sydney.. pretty, peaceful, yet very modern too. bawa batriesya main2 dekat park mesti dia suka.
p.s. ingat pesanan kak shuz.. passport jgn dilupakan :-p