city of love, louvre and louis vuitton

Since our feet still hurt from walking for miles yesterday, we took it easier today. We started the morning with walking, still, but only as far as the Louvre. We got there pretty early about 9-ish yet the queue was already quite long. Later only we knew that the museum's opening was slightly delayed, hence the long queue.

The main mission was to see the Mona Lisa. We purposely went to find it first so that we could take nice personal photos with the painting without too many people flocking around. It proved to be a wise decision. When we passed by the painting about half an hour later there were so many people surrounding it, it was hard to get a good view let alone a good photo.

Auntie Mona, you’re here!

Louvre is such a huge museum with an amazing collection it’s impossible to finish admiring everything in a day. So we had to pick and choose what we wanted to see and wrapped up our visit by the afternoon.

Some of the oh-so-many amazing paintings.

The hall of royal items.

The inverted pyramid, the final scene of “The Da Vinci Code” movie.

What is Paris without fashion? With that in mind we went to a fashion show at Galeries Lafayette, the biggest shopping mall in Paris. It occupies 3 buildings on the same street. The main building is dedicated to women's fashion, another building for men's fashion and another one for home deco.

There was a group of Japanese school kids (like a busload of them) watching the fashion show.

The show is free (reservation required), held every Friday. Pretty fun to watch.

I truly LOVE this dress!

And this top! The pink layering on the top of the black cardigan looks something like “tudung bawal” from the back. Simply awesome.

Animal prints, grrr!

Simple yet elegant.

I just couldn't pass the chance to pose on stage :-D

The fashion show booklet. Tells you what the models were wearing.

What to buy.. what to buy..

After the show we went to Louis Vuitton outlet downstairs. There was already a queue of mostly Asian customers i.e. Chinese, Japanese. I guess LV products are a lot cheaper here not only when compared to Malaysia, but also to other Asian countries.

The LV guy asking the people to queue up properly.

Oh my Louis Vuitton! Reminded me of the movie Pisau Cukur :-p

We then headed to a lovely halal restaurant that serves wonderful French cuisine. I'll write more about it in my halal feature later.

After a good dinner, we went to Champs-Élysées to see the Christmas market that filled the entire stretch on both sides of the road. It was awesome! The concept is something like our Bazar Ramadan in KL when Eid approaches, but with lots more glitz and glamour.

Beautiful ferries wheel at Concorde.

Miles of stalls at the Christmas market.

We walked all the way from Place de la Concorde to Arc de Triomphe, covering the entire stretch of Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Tiring!

The arch looks amazing at night.


Erin said...

dpt 'juma' the famous mona lisa ek...lucky u!

Erin said...

i meant jumpa...damn keyboard hik

dieya said...

yeah! the infamous painting is actually quite small. when compared to other grand paintings in louvre nampak macam postage stamp jek. that was the closest i could get to the lady, she was well protected with guards and bullet proof glass.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

i've been here last year during summer. it was super hot but still managed to visit everywhere. stayed for 3days in darcy with 10.40euro return tix to paris per day costs me alot! and yes yes louvre is a must visit.

dieya said...

oh really? then paris must be a city of contrasting weather coz when i was there it was incredibly cold even when it wasn't snowing yet. and windy too, which added to the cold. just a day after we left it snowed cats and dogs in paris, which was really fortunate for us. had the snow came earlier we would have stuck indoors hibernating!