christmas morning in vatican city

Buon Natale Roma! The big news this morning was the Pope was attacked during Christmas midnight mass! It was all over the local morning tv as well as CNN. Apparently the attacker (a woman) jumped over the barricade, lunged herself at the Pope, dragging the old man to the floor. Fortunately the Pope was unhurt, but one cardinal suffered a broken leg. The woman was later detained and the Pope continued with the mass. Goodness, that woman behaved like a teenage groupie at a rock concert. She must be a die hard fan of the Pope!

This morning we went to the Vatican City. It was quite a long wait for the metro. Well, what do we expect, it was Christmas morning, metros didn't come by as frequently and everyone wanted to go to Vatican City.

Piazza San Pietro wasn't that crowded when we got there as it was still early.

See than infamous balcony with burgundy curtain?

Nativity scene at Piazza San Pietro.

The altar of Basilica di San Pietro.

The basilica also houses tombs of previous Popes.

Another nativity scene, this one inside Basilica di San Pietro. So beautiful!

As we exit the basilica, we saw several staffs hanging the Vatican coat of arms at the balcony.

Two Swiss Guards standing still without a flinch.

We then walked to Castel Sant'Angelo nearby. Hz said it was the final scene in Angels & Demons (Dan Brown's book). I couldn't recall at all.

We crossed Ponte Sant'Angelo and walked to Piazza Navona. There’s a very colorful Christmas market at the plaza.

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi at the Piazza Navona.

Then we walked to Fontana di Trevi. People say if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, you will return to Rome. I didn't, so let's see if I still make it here in the future anyway. By the way I already left a bigger piece of history at Foro Romano yesterday, remember? ;-)

More fountain. This is Fontana del Tritone.

Yet another fountain, this one at Piazza della Repubblica.

Since it was Christmas most shops and malls were closed. Fortunately those at Termini were mostly open so we spent the rest of the day browsing the shops there.

Armani ads featuring David and Victoria Beckham at Termini station.

Owh, I saw Tania and her family at a halal restaurant today. We were just walking out when I saw them walking in. What a small world! I could have easily met her in KL yet no, we met in Rome instead! It was the first time I saw her since I went to her Eid open house months ago. It was funny coz during the open house we talked about our holiday plans and I told her how awesome it would be to spend Christmas in Rome. She told me her parents were thinking of going to Rome for their year-end vacation. We both agreed that Vatican City was a must-visit, after reading Angels and Demons and watching the movie. And today here we are, all in Rome!


Erin said...

beautiful pics...except for the beckhams

dieya said...

thanks! the beckhams' ads are like all over the station. funny thing is there's no armani store in termini.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

i just simply make my own wish at Trevis fountain with my 1cent coin.LOL
me too when i watch angels and demons i was like i've been here, i've been there! feels so great tho.

dieya said...

hahaha good for you! hope that 1 cent will bring you back to rome :-)
yeah it felt really good.. just like we were in the movie, kan!