bienvenida a madrid

¡Buenos dias España! I had no idea where on earth I woke up at, but surely it was somewhere in Spain. After performing solat subuh, we headed to the diner car to grab our free breakfast, which was yummy.

The nicely decorated diner car.

Our breakfast: Toast, croissant and chocolate bun. Coffee and orange juice. Fruit platter.

15 minutes before arrival the conductor came to return our passports and tickets, much to my relief. As we approached Madrid, we noticed white foams on top of roofs and cars. It was snowing!

We arrived at Charmartin station and took the metro to Gran Via where our hostel was located. Checked in, left the bags and immediately began our Madrid exploration.

Instituto Cervantes, I learn Spanish at its KL branch. The main office in Madrid is huge!

Palacio de Comunicaciones de Madrid.

Puerta de Alcalá. There’s a song dedicated to it. All I can remember is “Puerta de Alcalá.. la.. la.. la..”.

A fountain at Parque del Buen Retiro.

Me and Spanish flag at Plaza de Colón. I really love this photo!

Christmas market at Plaza Mayor.

We went to Palacio Real (royal palace) and saw horses stood guard. A dignitary was coming. Hz insisted to stay to see the entire procession so we stayed there for a while.

The Royal Palace.

Royal guards on royal horses.

Royal horses warming up within the palace gates.

As the horses marched out of the gates.

The VIPs are here!

The ceremony took place at Plaza de la Villa (about 500 meters from the palace). Everyone followed the horses there. One thing to be mindful of when walking behind horses, they pee and poop as and when they like!

The marching band.

Royal horses stood guard.

Plaza de la Villa. I guessed they were from Vietnam (check out the flag).

At night we went to Torres Bermejas restaurant to watch flamenco. Show and drink cost EUR 35 per pax. It was totally worth it. I truly suggest this place.

Three ladies dancing to Spanish music.

The girl in red skirt was amazing!

Here's a video of a small part of the show (my first time uploading a video here, hope it works!).


Erin said...

rasa mcm nak g blajar flamenco la pulak haha..

dieya said...

me too! hahaha macam best kan tengok diorang dancing! actually one of my classmates in spanish class is a flamenco teacher (malaysian laa tapi). bleh laa join class dia ;-)