all about my travel

Yes I know, I’ve promised everyone that I will write about my recent great escapade. Not to worry, I’m good at keeping promises!

Since I don’t want to mess up the chronological order of the blog, I’ve decided to post them as backdated entries, according to the date when the event actually happened. I know it will be tough for you guys dig them out, so I’ve put up a special box of my so called “featured babblings” a on the right panel of the blog. Just click on any of the links with the title “recent adventure” and you will find the stories there. As of now I only have one entry, there will be many more soon. I’ll try to remember to put a new link every time I post a new entry about the travel.

Owh, I’ve also put a link about my encounters with halal eateries during my travels (past and recent). It’s right on the top, entitled “halal eateries around the globe”. Yeah, lame title. Can’t think of anything cooler for now. Still a bit jet lagged.

The adventure began here!

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