2009: the year dreams come true

To say 2009 has been a good year for me is an understatement. It has been a great year! In fact, it has been an AMAZING year.

I started 2009 with a new job. My official last day with EY was on 31 December 2008, though I physically packed up about a week earlier by using up the remaining annual leaves that I had. Went off to Auckland and celebrated the new year there. Came home and relaxed for a bit before reporting for duty at Malaysia Airlines on 15 January 2009.

What can I say about my job with Malaysia Airlines? It's my dream job in every sense of the word. Work wise, I am back to my bread and butter, my first and true love, my reason of studying so hard to get a degree and several letters (CA, MIA) after my name. I am in the wonderful world of debit and credit and profit and loss and everything in between. I am a full fledge true blue ACCOUNTANT - the very word I wrote in the little column that says "ambition" in my school report card many years ago.

Then about the company. Before I joined, every time I heard the words Malaysia Airlines, I always thought of how nice it would be to work here. The travel perks, the glamour image, the ability to tell people about your work without getting them utterly confused. Back in EY days I used to get questions like "You work with EY, but you go to work at Company X?" or "So you are a CA but not an accountant?" or even worse "What do consultants do?". All that are bygones now. Now when people ask me where do I work and I reply Malaysia Airlines, 99% of the time their next question is "Do you have any vacancy?" :-)

Working here has been such a blessing in many aspects of my life. I now understand the meaning of work-life balance. Gone were the days when I had to come to work on weekends because some people just couldn’t wait till Monday to get things done. No more late nights, in fact I’ve been warned numerous times against staying late at work as the office complex is very old and it can be quite eerie.

With the luxury of free time after office hours and weekends in my hands, I decided to enroll myself into an MBA program. Going back to school was pretty tough at first, but I got through my first semester anyway. As you know I just got my results yesterday, now I’m thinking of my options for the second semester.

I also started learning Spanish, which I enjoy so very much. I’ve always wanted to learn a new language, I talked about it here and here before. Just sat for my Level A2 exam a few weeks back. Anxiously waiting for the results which is expected to come out sometime next week. Hopefully I get good enough grades to go to Level A3. Can’t wait to continue brushing up my Spanish!

I also learned how to swim, something that I’ve wanted to do for ages. I can do breaststroke and freestyle now. I try to swim twice a week when I don’t have any class. Unfortunately I haven’t been into the pool for about a month now (due to my recent travel and its preparations earlier). I plan to restart my regular swimming sessions again next week. That’s my first 2010 new year’s resolution!

The swimming also helped a lot with my other dream, which was to lose weight. I went through a self-administered diet and exercise regime for a few months. I bought a special diary, in which I wrote down every meal that I ate and every workout that I did for every single day. I weighed myself every night before going to bed and jot down the reading. The day I started the regime my weight was 60 kg. I am now 45 kg.

And of course, the travel to Continental Europe. Another big dream came true. I am running out of words to describe how wonderful the entire trip was. Just read my babblings about it, you will feel my excitement!

So there you go, the great things that happened in 2009. I remember that I actually finalized my 2009 resolutions quite late (perhaps around February or March) because I was busy getting myself settled with my new job in January. I usually restrict my list to no more than 5 items so it would be easy to execute and monitor. Let’s give them a stock-check anyway:

1) Study MBA – DONE
2) Learn Spanish – DONE
3) Learn swimming – DONE
4) Lose weight – DONE
5) Travel to Europe – DONE

2009 is the year my dreams come true! Alhamdulillah, thank you very much Allah for the blessings!

As I welcome 2010, I wonder what will be in my new list of new year’s resolutions? So far I only have one – to go for a swim every week to keep myself fit and maintain my hard-earned ideal weight. I bet as I go through the year I will have several more to add on.

Till then, happy ending good old year 2009 everyone!

Sticky note: I have put up 2 entries on my travel here and here. I just thought I should finish up writing about Paris before 2009 ends, so I can nicely start 2010 with stories about a new city - Madrid!


lorongsetia8 said...

wow amazing! congrats, mesti rasa accomplish gila bila semua dreams tu come true.

tahniah !!

sgt inspired dgn entry ini. dahlah baca pada 1Jan, berkobar2 jadinya semangat aku. hehe

Erin said...

congrats mate...wish u another great year ^_^

dieya said...

thanks! memang rasa happy sangat bila apa yg kita idamkan tercapai. especially bila certain things tu memang dah lama bertahun2diidamkan (i.e. learning spanish, my trip to europe). rasa syukur sangat when they came true!

thanks mate! i wish you a great year too!

Aida said...

Congrats and happy new year. I always know that you are a genius & have a strong determination..
All the best to you dear!

dieya said...

thanks aida! happy new year to you too, may all your wishes come true is 2010!