two movies and a fun guy

There was a movie screening session during Spanish class today. I didn’t know we were going to watch a movie until my classmate Al told me so. I asked who told her about it, she said, “The other teacher.. you know the fun guy..” Hahaha! Fun guy! Al said every time she saw the teacher’s face she thought of fun things coz the teacher always looked like he was having lots of fun, hence the nickname “fun guy”. I thought it was hilarious! And I did agree with her, the guy did look like he was having fun all the time. Obviously me and my pals who came from Gonzalo’s class in Level A1 never got know the “fun guy” coz he wasn’t our teacher, but I’m pretty sure his name is David (I overheard other students calling him by that name a few times). The funny bit was after the class I wanted to go to the office to check out some Spanish books but the door was locked, so I turned back and walked with Perrin and Al downstairs. Perrin’s remark was “Maybe Gonzalo and the “fun guy” locked the door!” Hahaha! That’s it, from now on he shall be officially known to the three of us as the “fun guy” :-D

Okay, enough of señor “fun guy” (though I still feel like laughing out loud while typing this, you may not think it’s funny but believe me it was a lot more hilarious when it happened!), let’s talk about the movie. It’s called “Todo Sobre Mi Madre @ All About My Mother”, a movie by Spain’s most popular director Pedro Almodóvar. He was the one who made Penélope Cruz a star. The movie was pretty good. A lot different from mainstream English movies that I’m used to, but quite similar to several independent movies that I’ve watched. It won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in Academy Awards 1999 or so. Like many other Oscar-winning films, it’s kind of “heavy”, so if you wanna watch it be prepared to do some thinking.

The original movie poster, credit to Wikipedia.

After the class I went to join Zuzu, Wawa, Nina and Shima to watch Pisau Cukur at TGV Sunway Pyramid. That is one funny movie! I really suggest you to watch it while it’s still screening. So funny! Not going to spoil it for anyone, just go and watch it. It has English subtitles so even if your Malay is rusty you won’t have any problem understanding.

Oh my Dior! Oh my Gucci! Oh my Jimmy Choo! Watch it and you'll understand what I'm saying :-p

And speaking of movies, New Moon is coming to Malaysia next week. Sheri would have watched it in Aussie by now, can’t wait to read her feedback. First few reviews I've read on the internet aren’t too promising, they seem to prefer Twilight more. But it’s ok, I’m still gonna watch it anyway.

After watching Pisau Cukur we had a good meal at Pancake House International at Lower Ground Floor of Sunway Pyramid’s new wing, next to J.Co Donuts. They serve awesome waffles and pancakes.

My steak. The portion was a bit too small. Didn’t fancy the rice, just thought it was a bit weird to eat steak with white rice.

Zuzu’s plate was a lot better, wished I had ordered this instead. Spaghetti + fried chicken + fajita + garlic bread.

Wawa and Shima shared a plate of banana and walnut pancake. It was really good. Nina had cheese pancake, didn’t take a photo of that one though.

Vienna coffee and ice lemon tea.

I was so tempted by this pic of waffle and ice cream…

… I just had to order a serving for our desert! It was marvelous!


niSamiR said...

hahaha..oh my Dior...menjadikk pulakkkk tuss lawak diorg..haha;) aku heran, Aryssa boleh pulak tertido dlm ramai2 org dok gelak..:p

dieya said...

or my Gucci.. memang lawak original giler! hahaha.. aryssa tak kuasa agaknya nak layan lawak gediks gitu.. good girl.. bagi can mummy dia tengok movie dgn aman :-)

Wawa Vtec said...

oh my jimmy chooo...
ur last pix of the desert is sooo tempting.too bad i miss it!

*making a mental note to try it*
hehe :p

dieya said...

oh dear too bad u and shima had to leave early. do try it next time, but be sure to share it with someone, it's so very filling. between zuzu, nina and myself we could only finish half of it!