sunday morning at taman jaya

It's final exam week at UM GSB, which kind of explains why I have been "out of action" for the past few days. Sat for my first paper yesterday morning. Feel quite good about it, but not gonna put in too much hope, after all the final exam only carries a small percentage of the total grade. Next paper will be on next week's Thursday. Pray for me will ya?

Despite preparing for final exams, life has to go on as usual. There's no point worrying my ass off. Not going to stay up at till the wee hours reading lecture notes or drinking bottles of Red Bull to get my brain working. Just wanna chill while keeping in focus.

So when Che Aaa suggested to go for an aerobic session last Sunday morning I thought it was a brilliant idea. It was she and Emma who introduced the activity to me when the three of us lived together. Even after we moved out to different places, I used to continue going to Taman Jaya almost every Sunday morning to join a public aerobic session. But after a while motivation ran its course, yet I always thought it would be fun to do it again.

Finally, we (minus Emma) hit the park again last Sunday. Same instructor – Joey (I wonder if that’s his real name?). When I started joining the session a couple of years ago, Joey was a softie wearing pink and purple tights with a really long ponytail (waist-length!) that he often tied in a braid. Last Sunday I saw a different Joey – short hair, wearing loose cargo pants and muscle-T, he even got facial hair! Kudos to Joey for returning to being a real man :-D

I really enjoyed the aerobic session. Though I came home with some muscle pains (yeah haven’t been doing heavy exercises for some time), it felt good to get all sweaty in the morning. Afterwards we hit the mamak joint and had nasi lemak ayam with telur mata. So much of burning calories!

If you guys wanna join this fun activity, head to Taman Jaya (near Amcorp Mall) every Sunday. The aerobic session starts at 7:30am. It’s open to everyone; I’ve seen people of all ages from school kids to grandmas joining it. It’s free, but if you wish to “donate” there’s a little basket near where Joey put his gym bag. You can put in RM 1 or 2 in the basket for Joey’s effort if you want to. Quite a cool concept, at least Joey can cover his taxi fare home.

Took some pictures while walking around the park after the session.

There was some sort of charity marathon happening there, I think it was a fund raiser for a Buddhist association.

Vico lorry. Too bad it was on break. A free cup of chilled Vico would be nice!

Outdoor exercise equipments. Love them! Too bad some of them are quite worn down. But most of them still function well. They remind me of similar stuff near my aunt’s apartment in Singapore (back then I used to get so hyped over them coz we didn’t have them in Malaysia). Of course the ones in Singapore are more well-maintained.

Kids playing at playground. I guess we can still call that exercise.

The greener side of the park. A couple playing badminton on far right. I love sitting on a park bench, having some doughnuts and coffee, reading a book, but definitely not in Malaysia. Why? The weather’s too hot. But that morning it hit me, why not do that in the morning when it’s still cool? Hmm.. maybe I should give it a try.

Vico lorry is in service! Yeay! Got my free vico. Free stuff always tastes better!

The lake at Taman Jaya with a little fountain in the middle. Quite stinky, can actually smell it when you jog/walk around the lake. Got a lot of fish though, guess that explains the smell. There are usually a number of people fishing, so I guess it’s a good fishing spot in the middle of the city.


Wawa Vtec said...

babe, would it be okay if i link ur blog to mine? :)

dieya said...

yeah sure babe! i'll link urs to mine k :-)

niSamiR said...

wahhh best's a healthy life man;)

dieya said...

hahaha yeah! trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.. dr. nisa u know better than me :-)

Zuzu said...

gambar I tgh exercise takde pon hehehe i like joey's new style agak kejantanan muahahaha

Oo_oO dieya Oo_oO said...

hahhaa yerlaa.. time exercise tak amik gambar. next time we'll take photos of us doing aerobics with the new macho joey =)