the shoe fetish strikes again

I went shopping today. Yeah, what a way to celebrate Eid, by going shopping! The intention was to get some clothes for my little brother, but as it turned out I got myself two pairs of shoes in addition!

Crocs sandals and Voir ankle boots. Love them!

I had been eyeing the Crocs since early this month. I first saw the pattern at their Ikano outlet but didn’t buy them straight away coz I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t need them anyway. Guess what, I couldn’t stop thinking about them ever since! Went to the outlet at Mid Valley, they didn’t have the sandals in my size. Went to the ones in Bangsar Village and Sunway Pyramid, both no longer hold the pattern. Finally I found what I was looking for at Mahkota Parade outlet today. And they were available in four colors - pink, lavender, black and brown. Though I love the lavender pair, only the brown pair come in my size. Got to grab them while I could!

Love this part the most – the cute flower jibbit!

Now the bad news.. I just realized the jibbit on the left shoe is missing!

How could I miss that?! I remember both jibbits were intact when I tried the sandals on, else I would have asked for a new pair. And I only realized it was missing as I was taking these photos. Argh! Got to go to Crocs again to get a new jibbit. Hope I can find an exact match, else I would have to replace both jibbits.. haih! Take a deep breath, it’s ok, it’s just a small test of patience.

Now let’s talk about the ankle boots. I’ve never worn boots before. They are always very expensive and they don’t go very well with Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, which therefore lessens their value for money. But these Voir boots were just too hard to resist. They were on 70% discount! There were also knee high boots on discount but I couldn’t get my fat feet into them as they didn’t have zippers. Why on earth they make knee high boots without zippers anyway? No wonder nobody wanted to buy them. Fortunately the ankle boots fit like a charm.

Love the cutting. The pointed toe elongates my feet.

The detail print is gorgeous!

The Crocs sandal cost me RM 169, that’s before I get a replacement for the missing jibbit *sigh*. The Voir boots are RM29.05 after discount. Totally love both shoes! Though I would be happier if the jibbit wasn’t missing, but it’s okay, maybe it’s a sign for me to get better looking jibbits soon ;-)


dyanna said...

love those shoes, esp the boots. u know what would be great? a matching purse. *evil grin*

dieya said...

wahhh... new purse.. so tempting! maybe i should get one with fringes, cowgirl style ;-)

lorongsetia8 said...

ah lawanya boots tu. murah plak tu! good buy. skang ni sales merata2...hohoohoho tempted

dieya said...

itulah.. year end sale (YES) dah start. kalau masuk shopping mall mmg banyak godaan nak beli macam2!