Went for a karaoke session yesterday, yeay! Zuzu suggested Amp Square in Sunway Pyramid coz it was much cheaper than Red Box. We decided it would just be the two of us coz we wanted to sing as much as we can and we didn’t want to share the mic with other people who would definitely sing better than us.. hahaha!

So I took KTM Komuter from KL Sentral to Subang Jaya. It had been ages since I last used it.

A train on the opposite track, waiting for people to board.

15 minutes before my train arrived. The other train already leaving.

Zuzu picked me up at Subang Jaya station. It was 5 minutes to 11am when we reach Sunway Pyramid so we took the lunch package. The poster at the entrance said RM 9++ for 3 hours from 11am to 2pm. But when we went to the counter the guy told us it’s actually between RM 11++ to RM16++ for 3 hours including a lunch meal and a drink. The price range depends on what you choose to eat. Zuzu took rice so hers was RM 11++, mine was RM 16++ coz I took fish and chips with mango sauce. With 10% service charge and 5% tax, it cost us RM 31.05 in total. So cheap! I recall the last time I went to Red Box with some friends, each of us had to pay RM 50 to RM 60 for just one person!

My huge plate of fish and chips. Very filling I tell ya. The fish fillet was folded into two, so it was actually double the size of what you see. Came with mango sauce, mushroom soup, chips, mixed vege and jelly.

Zuzu in action.

Me throwing out my meanest voice!

Our song list (part of it). All sorts of songs.. rock, pop, ballad, even dangdut! English, Malay, Spanish, Hindi.. we sang ‘em all. If only the wordings to Korean, Chinese and Japanese songs were in ABC, we would have sang them too. I really wanted to sing the soundtracks to my favorite Korean TV series like Winter Sonata and Full House, but couldn’t figure out which was which in the song list.

After 3 hours of “Dieya and Zuzu Live in Concert” we were so tired. Even last week’s aerobics with Joey wasn’t as tiring! Now I have more respect to those artistes who can perform a 2-hour concert with all the dancing, jumping and screaming, so much energy! Madonna does a world tour in her 50s, no wonder she dates a guy less than half her age!


Erin said...

waah, dieya sgt hebat beraksi!

dieya said...

but of course ;-) gaya mesti lebih!