I got new jibbitz! By the way I just realized the spelling is actually “jibbitz” with a “z” when I went to the Crocs outlet at Bangsar Village. They don’t have brown flower though :-( but they have the same flower design in all sorts of colors like pink, yellow, blue, green etc. Most come in combination of several colors, which I think are too fancy unless you are a 5-year-old. So after about half and hour of thinking and matching flowers of every color with the shoes, I finally decided on a pair of green flower jibbitz. Fortunately I was the only customer so the staff had no choice but to entertain me though he did say “You can wear them in different colors you know..” Hahaha he definitely has no idea how matchy-matchy I am!

Similar design, but this one has a sparkly gemstone centre. Flashy!

I think that’s the best color among those available at the store to go with my shoes. I actually went to the Mid Valley store earlier, but they didn’t have jibbitz in this design anymore. Almost all their jibbitz are cartoon characters i.e. Disney princesses, robots, Hello Kitty, Doraemon. As much as I love cartoons, I find the designs too childlike.

And I also discovered maybe the shoes that I bought shouldn’t have come with free jibbitz in the first place! The Mid Valley store still have the same shoe design (but none in my size), all sold without jibbitz. I guess the staff at Mahkota Parade store was kind enough to give me one free flower, so no complaints here :-)


Erin said...

mate, jibbitz kita sama laa...hehe

dieya said...

waaahhh ye ke??? we got the same taste mate! lama tau aku dok kat crocs just to decide on the jibbitz.. nasib baik tak kena halau :-D