halal food

I've been meaning to write about this for a while now, but at usual, there’s always something else more important / urgent / interesting happening around, resulting in me putting this on hold. Finally today, I’ve decided to do it.

As a Muslim, one of many things that concerns me when I go travelling is getting halal food. I love trying new food, as long as it’s halal. If I can’t find a restaurant with a big fat halal sign, I stick to seafood and veges, they are always halal. Some people ask me, what about the pots and pans that they use? My answer is simple – CONFIDENCE. I remember the words of one of my ustaz (Islamic education teacher) many years ago: “Don’t worry about the pots and pans. Just order veges or seafood. As long as you don’t see the cook inserting anything else (pork, alcohol, non-halal meat etc.) into the meal with your own naked eyes, be confident that what you order is halal.”

I believe in it and I stick by it. I believe Islam is a simple religion, don’t complicate it.

In some countries halal restaurants are easy to find, in some not so. I’ve had my share of difficulties in finding halal restaurants in countries where Muslims constitute a small minority (but that doesn’t deter me, as I’ve said earlier, there’s always seafood and veges). However, it’s good to see that halal restaurants are noticeably growing in non-Muslim countries over recent years, though most of them serve kebab or Arab food.

Before I travel to a foreign place, I often do a bit of research on halal restaurants in the area, either via Zabihah.com or the website of Malaysian Embassy in that country. If I can’t find anything that interest me, Google is always helpful. I’ve noticed that most of the time my Google search will land me on someone’s blog, in which the author tells his/her experience at a halal restaurant somewhere across the globe. I really enjoy reading those blogs as they reflect real experiences of common people enjoying halal food during their travels. It makes me think, hey that’s easy, I can do that too.

I haven’t travelled to every inch of the world. I'm far from being Anthony Bourdain (I love his show No Reservations) or even Putriberendam (a halal food blogger from Singapore). I’m just sharing several halal places that I’ve came across during my travels to several countries, so if you go there one day, you can try them too.

I'll put up my first entry on halal restaurants soon. From thereon I'll post similar entries once in a while (something like a special feature.. hehehe) so you won’t get bored reading about it. Also because I don’t really have that many restaurants to talk about anyway ;-)


dyanna said...

yes, agree with you about not complicating matters. sometimes, people think too much!

of course, being an observant muslim believing in punishments in the afterlife, i try hard to find halal food. even if it means i have to eat sushi or vege burger for 5 days straight, so be it.

want to share a story here, after coming back from UK, adela makcik and her family from kg came to visit. so i made some tea and bring out cookies i brought back. the clan ate and praised the drinks and food, asking from where i bought this. when told it was from UK, she slowly put down the cup and cooky and her face became pale (macam nak muntahkan keluar semua tadi). Queitly she asked, "Halal ke?".

I was like, 'OMG! do u think i don't read the ingredients? and helo, tea is made from leaves." kecik ati i.

*well nak tergelak pun ade gak.

dieya said...

hahaha funny laa diorang ni kan!

i've encountered many types of ppl with funny principles when it comes to halal.

there's one who eats all sorts of imported chocs sold in malls in malaysia, but when i buy exactly the same chocs from overseas she questions if they are halal. as if hersheys and lindt make different version of chocs for sale in malaysia!

there's another who won't eat at any local restaurants (not even vege and seafood) when traveling overseas coz she has that what-about-the-pots-and-pans thing in her head. yet, she's ok with eating fillet-o-fish in McD even if the McD serve pork burgers and bacon! wierd!

Me said...

I eat fillet-o-fish at McD. Fish and veggies are a great alternative and/or substitute!

dieya said...

Me - i totally agree. McD's fillet-o-fish is always a saviour, especially during holiday seasons when most restaurants (halal or otherwise) are closed.

putri said...

Hey!Thanks for linking me up in ur blog!Great blog u have here...Love it! Do continue ur creative works..and may the quest for Halal food continues...Have a great day,everyday!Love,Putri Berendam

dieya said...

hi putri!
thanks so much for dropping by, i feel so honoured that a famous blogger like yourself checks out my little blog :-)
yes, let's keep the halal quest going!