halal feature: Maguro-Ya @ Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

Okay, here’s my first featured halal restaurant. Those who have no idea what I’m talking about, refer to my earlier post under the label "halal".

This place is an awesome eat-and-go eatary serving sushi rice in a bowl with side dishes and soup. A small place in Tachikawa, located just outside of Isetan shopping mall. It's right next to Sunkus convenience store. Across the road is Takashimaya shopping mall.

How do I know it's halal? Because my aunt who lives in Japan says so :-) Come on, it's sushi!

In front on the place. What to eat.. what to eat.. so many choices!

Salmon and scallop meal.

Tuna and salmon sashimi.

A variety of sushi toppings.

If you wanna ask for direction to this place, note that Japanese addresses are written backwards.

In Japanese this restaurant's address is:

Foreigners read it as:
2-5-17, Akebonocho, Tachikawa-city, Tokyo, Japan.

To save you the trouble, here's the the location on Google map:

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Liya said...

Eh awak ada kat Japan ke skrg? Tak tau pun???????

Waa bestnya sushi..my favorite!! Kitorang gi makan sushi almost once in 2 weeks!

dieya said...

tak laa liya.. gambar ni ambik masa kita gi jalan2 kat tokyo time golden week (which coincided with malaysia labour day) bulan 5 hari tu :-) seronok sangat.. rasa nak pegi japan lagi and jalan2 kat other cities pulak! if i go there again kita bagitau awak!