halal feature: 5 Star Kebab @ Sydney, Australia

I encountered this kebab joint called 5 Star Kebab while I was in Sydney with Fiza a couple of years back. It's in the middle of Kings Cross, a place said to be Sydney's red light district. The truth is it's actually not as bad as people say. It's pretty safe, at least during day time. I felt safer walking there than Chow Kit Road.

Back to 5 Star Kebab. It was suggested to us by a Muslim guy who ran a convenience store along William Street where we stayed. Thanks to my hijab he immediately noticed that I'm a Muslim and we casually chatted with him every time we dropped by his store (almost daily) to get milk, bread, jam etc. We asked if he knew any halal place nearby and he told us about 5 Star Kebab.

There's no sign at the shop indicating that it's halal. But the convenience store guy knows the owner who's an Egyptian Muslim. He said, "He told me the kebabs are halal. If they aren't, that's between him and God." How true.

I remember somewhere opposite the kebab joint there’s a halal Indian place selling rice with several types of curry. Very yummy. Forgot the name though. But you can sure see it from the kebab place.

Kings Cross during daytime. It’s not even remotely scary, honestly.

It’s 6621 km away from KL.

Kings Cross landmark fountain.

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