I’ve always been a huge fan of Nivea Visage Oil Regulating range – the one with slightly green packaging. Love the foam, the toner and the fluid. They go well with my skin. Unfortunately since a few years ago they’ve started pulling out the range from the market. “Oil Regulating” for oily skin becomes “Deep Pore Control” for combination to oily skin. The packaging still look the same, I guess it’s just a rebranding exercise. They still have the foam and the toner, but no more the fluid. It’s kind of sad for me coz it’s pretty hard for me to find a moisturizer that won’t make my skin oilier that it already is.

Since then I have been switching one brand of moisturizer to another. I’m not really very picky, as long as it’s water-based / oil-free and cheap (can be purchased from pharmacies instead of some fancy cosmetic counters) I’m all for it.

This time around I’ve decided to try Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Cream (Gentle) SPF15 – what a name! This is the first time I’ve ever bought a moisturizer because it has some sort of miracle anti-aging particles (usually I just go for the ones that have whitening agents and UV protection). All because of the product’s ongoing advertisement featuring Bernie Chan saying that the cream makes her skin look younger. Yeah I know all anti-aging cream ads says that but this one is the cheapest that I can get, so why not? Can’t be bothered with SK-II ad showing how they apply some kind of Japanese molecule technology (featuring Qi Qi and Deanna Yusoff) coz they are crazy expensive!

This pack cost me RM39 thereabouts. I also get small tubs of foaming cleanser and serum. The cream comes in 2 types – gentle and normal. I go for the gentle one believing that it’s less oily (there’s no indication what’s the difference between the two written on the box so I just follow my instinct). You can also choose between the one without foundation and the one tinted with foundation. Since I already have a foundation that I use on daily basis, I choose the one without.

I’ve been using it for two days now. So far so good. Wonder if the anti-aging stuff will have any effect on my skin when I get older. Obviously it doesn’t make any difference now coz I don’t have wrinkles (yet!). Regardless of that, my aunt says I should start taking oral supplements for my skin so that it remains youthful. I bet they cost a lot. I can’t find any of them in Guardian or Watson or Caring pharmacy (or have I been looking at the wrong shelves?). Wonder where those are sold and how much they cost.

How about you? Have you started going for anything anti-aging? Skincare? Supplements? Organic food?


Wawa Vtec said...

i take supplements.been taking epo but i don't see difference on my skin but they regulate my menses.i tried himalaya's neem - it claims to cleanse the blood hence producing clear skin after awhile.
i finished a bottle of vita e as well but again, i dunno which works as i take a few supplements at one time for health improvement.but i can tell you,after one to two month, i do feel my skin glows not sure if vita e reverse the skin aging process.

Erin said...

i'm using olay too...but masalahnye i've never used anything regularly (that's one bad habit i'm trying to kick :P). my skin is wayy too oily, and so far i've not found anything that makes it less oily (cemana nie huhu).
also taking epo, juz for my menses sbb mine is sgtla xregular (i manage to puasa penuh this year..that's how irregular it is). lain2 belum start, any recommendation? hehe..

dieya said...

Truth is I’ve never heard of EPO and Himalaya’s Neem before, had to google it :-)

Remember this product called Imedeen? Quite popular a while back, but I don’t see it in pharmacies that often anymore. I guess Himalaya’s Neem is something like that?

The thing about oral supplements for the skin is that some of them are based on sea creatures (seaweed, shells or something). I’ve heard people that have sensitive skin getting allergic reaction after taking those and I do have sensitive skin. So I’m looking for perhaps something organic or herbal-based. Guess I have to read a bit more about Himalaya’s Neem.

Wawa – where do you get those in KL?

Erin - still looking around, if u do find any do share :-)

dyanna said...


I've been changing from one moisturiser to another. Some are too dry, too oily or too cheezy (over advertising in TV), but I always come back to Olay it sits nicely on the face. haha. I have semi-dry skin. The skin is that way maybe it's because i work in an air-conditioned office. I can't really say it's anti-ageing but i hope so cos i'm not getting any younger. And I'm a bit of a stinge when it comes to spending money on something that's non-food and non-gadget like. LOL!

naf said...

we should start taking care of the skin dari umur 25!
itu yg chemist bagitau aku, and mmg betul pon.
a good regime will do mcm cuci, toner, moisturize & nite cream.

masalahnya, malas! hahaha. tapi aku dah start rasa kulit yg dulu senang je nak jaga dah start jadi kusam.sbb malas nak jaga..

rasanya tak kesah mahal/murah as long as skin care tu sesuai ngan kita ...

the hunt for good skin care never ends. bila guna satu yg bagus, tapi bila dgr org kata yg A bagus..nak try la plak. haha. oh, ke aku je macam tu??

niSamiR said...

samalah mcm erin..product mcm2 tp susah tol nak complaince...mcm mana nak buekkkk...hehe

dieya said...

Dyanna - Hope Olay will do good on me as it does on you. Can’t think of any other cheap yet reputable anti-aging moisturizer. I agree with u these stuff are so expensive.. baik guna duit tu beli benda lain.

Naf - 25?! Goodness.. aku kira dah lambat laa ni? I thought I don’t have to think about it till I get at least 35! I better start doing EVERYTHING anti-aging now, but like u say.. malasssss.. tapi nak cantik.. camne tu? I don’t switch product that often coz I have sensitive skin unless the product is no longer in the market (as in this case of switching to Olay), but kalau orang kata bagus I’m willing to try.

Nisa - Looks like we have to start being compliant… like Dyanna says we are not getting any younger.. ahhh!