and your point is..?

I received this letter a few days ago, smack in the middle of my exam week. I've read it at least 5 times, still I have no clue what they are trying to achieve by sending me this letter.

I'm reading it again as I'm typing this *confused*.

The entire introductory paragraph ("kami mengambil perhatian ...") doesn't make much sense to me. It sounds an awful lot like "yeah we know you have registered with us". So what? Of course I have registered, I'm already at the end of my semester. Better still, I just finished my final exams. And suddenly you feel the need to remind me that I have indeed registered? Err huh *confused*?

Paragraphs 1 and 2 are even more confusing. The phrase "memenuhi keperluan ini" sounds so weird. What does that even mean? And what do they mean by "tempoh maksimum pencalonan"? Is that the maximum time allowed for me to finish the entire course? And why the word "pencalonan"? Sounds as if I'm running for an election.

The only bit that makes sense to me is the final paragraph. It says that I need to re-register myself at the beginning of every new semester. Is that what the letter is all about, reminding students to re-register? Well if you ask me they can just send an e-mail for that *sigh*. Save time. Save printing cost. Save the environment too. These people must have lots of free time on their hands ;-)

And what's up with those not-really-bombastic-yet-hard-to-understand phrases? Can't they just write the letter simpler? I'm a native Malay speaker and I'm having a tough time understanding it, what more for others. Oh wait, are the international students also getting the same letters? Oh no, sorry pals, don't come to me for translation, I'm not even sure myself!

Guess making simple things difficult is a way to be deemed important.. hmm?

On another note, the exam week is over! Yeehaa! I feel like celebrating. Lalalalala.. karaoke jom?


sheri said...

jom :).. i love karaoke...hehe
and it's true, IPTA LOVES to write formal letters which sounds so important but only to convey some simple messages. funny, hehe :)
over here is the same thing too la. standard sket kalau cakap org tak fhm, dan hanya yang 'cerdik pandai' je yg fhm. hehehe. agaknyela itu matlamat yang ingin mereka kecapi... ;p

take care

dieya said...

jom! me too! though i know i'll probably burst a few eardrums.. but oh well ;-)

itulah.. at first i was terribly nervous getting a formal letter out of the blue, more so with wordings i can't comprehand! after reading it a few times baru tak nervous sgt.. takde apa2 kot.. kan?

Erin said...

they probably wrote everything in english n then used babelfish to transalate...haha, hence the caca-marba sentences

Erin said...

alamak, salah ejaan plak...sorry hik

dyanna said...

diorang patut letak summary section kat bawah/ belakang surat. baru senang sikit hidup dan tak buang masa.

I sometimes have to consult with a few people to decode the messages sent from these kind of places.

dieya said...

erin - i do use babelfish a lot, tapi bila dia dah start mengarut aku pun start laa panggil dia ikan bebal. hahaha no worries, sometimes english teacher makes spelling mistakes, nobody's perfect lah ;-)

dyanna - camne lah diorg memartabatkan bahasa melayu when the standard malay language is so difficult to understand. itu pasal org melayu pun malas nak ckp melayu.