all-you-can-eat pasta

Last Friday I had lunch at Sanook with Zaza and Liza. I owe Liza these pix so I have put them up here. What’s great about Sanook is that they serve all-you-can-eat pasta for lunch on weekdays for RM 12.90 (excluding tax and service charge). On weekends, the place is open from 5pm till late on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. It’s located at Plaza Kelana Jaya somewhere opposite Malaysia Airlines Academy (which makes it convenient for us), facing the lake.

The a-la-carte menu front cover. Like many urban restaurants (i.e. TGI Fridays, Chilis, Victoria Station) it does serve alcohol, but the food is halal. We’ve checked with staff. In Malaysia, restaurants that serve alcohol aren’t allowed to display halal logo even though they serve halal food. Liza mentioned there was this one time she asked TGI Fridays to show her their halal certificate and they did, they just couldn’t put it on display.

The restaurant from the front (facing the lake).

If you come from the car park you’ll be entering from the back.

The soup is refillable.

My sprite and Liza’s iced lemon tea. Not refillable though.

You can choose one of two types of salad, Caesar salad or garden salad. This Caesar salad is yummy! Nope, can’t refill the salad either.

Now the good news, there are 10 different types of pastas to choose from and they are refillable! Each comes in a small portion, which is good since I love to try different things. Be sure to finish your current plate before ordering the next one, leftover food will be charged.

Zaza’s first plate - bolognese pasta with chicken.

My first plate and Liza’s second plate - pollo and funghi chicken with mushroom in pomodoro sauce and cream. The name is a bit redundant - “pollo” is chicken and “funghi” is mushroom, why repeat?

Liza had spaghetti vongole with clams in garlic sauce and silantro for her first plate, which was yummy and very suitable for those who hate tomatoes. Forgot to take a pic though.

My second plate - penne arabiatta with chili flakes and pomodoro.

Zaza’s second plate - paesana with turkey ham and capsicum in tomato sauce and fresh basil.

They do have Asian set for RM 8.90 and Western set for RM 18.90. Maybe next time we’ll try the Western set. I think it comes with steak or fish and chips, not so sure.

No, I did not memorize the names ;-)

Each pasta meal is absolutely yummy (well, at least those that we've tried). The place is very nice, facing the lake and all. Kids-friendly too. I bet it's quite "happening" at night. Even though we came in the afternoon and we sat outside it didn't feel that hot coz they have big fans all over the place. Definitely worth the price, with tax and all we paid about RM 15 per person. The prices for the a-la-carte menu are quite ok too, with a good variety of food to choose from. Love it!


sheri said...

i wanna go here!!! waaa..weekdays ye? my husband suka gile pasta :)

dieya said...

you definitely have to go here then! yeah the all-you-can-eat thing is only available on weekdays, but i guess that shouldn't be a problem for you since you'll be home for quite a while, i presume? the a-la-cart menu looks quite good. banyak choices.