why do they kill jess?

After 1+ months without doing any exercise (fasting month + raya), I made my way to the pool last night. At first I felt so lazy to go, but I knew the longer I put it on hold the lazier I get.

Managed to do 8 to 10 laps in the olympic size pool in hour or so. Not impressive at all, I know. Whatever, I got no ambition to become a female version of Michael Phelps anyway.

Watched the final episode of the the latest season of CSI: NY. I believe Jess died! What a sad ending. She and Flack were such a hot couple. The drive-by shooting at the end ain't helping either. Now I'm upset thinking of who else gonna die and I have to wait for another season to find out. Huh!

As of now miss weekend couch potato here (just weekend coz my weekdays are filled with work + class) have finished watching the latest seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. Now catching up with Army Wives. I'm getting fonder of this series since watching the first season on Hallmark.

This week they will air be the final episode for Season 3 in US.


Anonymous said...

mate, i hate it too when they leave things 'hanging'...urgh, tensen tul. u have to wait until at least next year (in m'sia la) to find out what happens next. i'm at lost whenever i watch grey's anatomy @ntv7...lama gila xtgk. kne g carik dvd nie hehe

dieya said...

mate i got grey's latest season. kalu dtg kl amik je kat aku.

Anonymous said...

waah, best2...tq, leh pinjam yeay hehe