thunderbirds show teaser: photos from today's session

Here are some photos taken from today's session for media and VIPs. Come over to TUDM (RMAF) Subang Airport for the full blown show for public tomorrow!

Four jets flying by.

White US Air Force thunderbirds.

As they move in formation. See that bulding on the left, there's a group of people standing on the rooftop - first class view!

RMAF jet flying solo close by.

Mari tengok thunderbirds! Fortunately our floor has corridor. See the control tower back there, their people also went out to the tower's corridor for a better view.


Anonymous said...

mate, cam ngeri jek, dibuatnye terhempas ke. isk, i've seen too many stunts-gone-wrong videos laa...haha

dieya said...

mmg agak ngeri laa.. especially when they go head to head.. tapi super adrenaline rush!