thunderbird air show

THUNDERBIRD AIR SHOW (3DAYS 1st-3rd) kt TUDM airport subang: on 3rdOct 1030H -1100H – C17 Demonstration. 1100H -1130H – Sukhoi Air Show. 1130H -1230H – Thunderbirds Air Show, boleh dtg tengok kt TUDM.. happening..;)

That's Kak Rozi's reply on Facebook when I ask her what's up with thunderbirds flying around our office. Whoever's crazy about fighter jets do come and watch. It's awesome, believe me, I saw the drill.

There's also a team from US Air Force doing the show. No wonder we saw white thunderbirds (TUDM thunderbirds are army green). We didn't know that yesterday. We were thinking sejak bila pulak TUDM tukar kaler. My boss kata diorang tak sempat cat kot.. hahaha..

Here's the schedule.

2nd Oct 09 (Friday) - Armed forces & Embassy Staff
1030H - 1100H – C17 Demonstration.
1100H - 1130H – Shukoi Air Show.
1130H - 1230H – Thunderbirds Air Show. (Fly Over Twin Tower)
1200H – F16 fly-by with Chief of Armed Forces.

3rd Oct 09 (Saturday) - Actual Day / Open for Public
0900H – Base Open Crowd.
0915H – Arrival of Guests.
0930H – Arrival of Chief of RMAF.
0945H – Arrival of Chief of Armed Forces.
1000H – Arrival of Diplomats.
1015H – Arrival of Dignitaries.
1030H - 1100H – C17 Demonstration.
1100H - 1130H – Sukhoi Air Show.
1130H - 1230H – Thunderbirds Air Show.
1245H - 1300H – Autograph Signing by Thunderbirds Crew.
1300H – VVIP & pilot Photography session. Lunch.
1400H – Programme End

So come over to TUDM Subang Airport and enjoy the show!

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