tengo hambre

“Tengo hambre” literally translates to “I have hunger”. Strangely enough in Spanish rather that saying “I’m hungry”, you say “I have hunger”. It’s just the way the language is structured. I can go on and on telling you about the weird (good kind of weird, more like “amusingly different”) things that I learned from my Spanish class, but let’s save that for next time, ¡porque tengo hambre!

After 2 days of succumbing to my gastronomic desires, I went home yesterday feeling oh so bloated! Jumped into the scale, there you go, I’ve gained 0.5 kg. So I decided to fast today. Some of you may think what a vain b*tch I am, just 0.5kg and I’m already on hunger strike. But let me tell you one thing and I think you will agree with me – as you get older losing weight is not as easy. So yes, 0.5kg does trigger the alarm, thank you very much. Moreover I have 3 open houses and a wedding to attend over the weekend, that’s a lot of food to eat.

As of for now, I’m hungry. Haven’t been fasting since Eid celebration so I sort of lost the momentum. Some people get back into fasting immediately after Eid (6 days of optional fasting during the month of Shawal). I haven’t done that in ages. After every Eid I always find myself tempted to eat anything consumable. Almost ate my bun-shaped phone accessory, remember?

Tomorrow’s Friday, as usual we have long lunch break on Fridays. I’m thinking of going to the tailor at Medan MARA in KL to pick up my new baju kurung moden so I can wear it to Deqno’s wedding this Saturday. Oh wait, there’s UMNO General Assembly going on. Traffic must be horrible in KL during that time, thousand of delegates trying to get out of PWTC to go for Friday prayers. Maybe not then.

You know what would be really great now? A good cup of iced caramel latte. A nice serving of nasi kukus ayam goreng kampung won’t hurt either *swallowing saliva.. gulp!*

This is an old photo. I’m fasting today. Few more hours to go.


niSamiR said...

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....i'm drooling.......;)

Anonymous said...

posa2...sibuk dok pikir psl makanan plak haha

dieya said...

nasib baik bertahan jugak puasa penuh sehari. hari jumaat terus gi beli caramel frappe satu!