several eventful days – part I

I had several eventful days since late last week till today. They were so eventful I had to split the entry into two, kalau tidak mahu panjang berjela kalah cerpen Mingguan Malaysia (wujud lagi ke cerpen dalam Mingguan Malaysia haa?). Furthermore they involve 2 opposite ends of human emotions – positive emotions (happy, excited, energetic etc.) and negative emotions (angry, upset, exhausted). Let’s start off with the positive ones first.

I had a marvelous time enjoying food at 5 different houses over the weekend. Made plans to carpool with Zaza, if I were to go alone I might not go at all.

On Saturday morning we went to Niva’s house for Deepavali open house. We were her first guests. She already told us the day before to come after 10am coz she had to go to the temple in the morning. Arrived at her place around 11am so it was just nice, she was just about to settle in. Since I hadn’t eaten anything since morning, I was so intrigued by all the food that she prepared.

Lamb curry, lamb dalca, chicken kurma, mixed vege, tosai, ghee rice, tandoori, putu mayam. Yes, they are all halal, she bought the raw stuff from Muslim butcheries. Glad I got such a considerate friend.

Me and the host. She’s so tall I made her squat a bit so I won’t look too katik.

Shortly after, Audrey arrived with her baby Renee. Then Nurin with her two kids who are so chubby rasa nak cubit2 pipi tembam diorang. Then Aisyah. Then Jin Yee with her hubby and baby. While we were hanging out enjoying the festivities, Zaza’s former colleague at IBM called to invite us to her Deepavali open house in Seri Setia. So off we went to Nalina’s house.

That’s Zaza with Nalina and Nalina’s colleague at Schlumberger (she already left IBM) named Aida.

Food at Nalina’s house (once again, all halal) – lamb curry, chicken curry, chicken sambal, beryani rice, itli (I really dunno how to spell it – it’s that white thing). Loved the itli, wonder which mamak joint sells it.

After that we headed to Shah Alam for Deqno and Najam’s wedding. Supposed to arrive there about the same time as Leli circa 1pm, but since we spent quite some time at Niva’s and Nalina’s, we only got there about 3pm. Leli had to leave coz she had open houses to go to so tak sempat jumpa dia. But I saw Noly and family there.

With pengantin and Noly and her baby.

Since I had so much of food earlier, I only had drinks and a slice of orange at the wedding. Terlebih kenyang sudah so no food pic here. We were only there for a short while, sempatlah hi-hi-bye-bye pengantin. When we left it was almost Asar, there was still one more open house to go but we haven’t even done our Zuhur prayers. Thought of dropping by any surau in Shah Alam but since the next open house is in Ara Damansara which is close to my office, headed to office for prayers. Lagi comfortable coz I have my own telekung there and segala mak nenek facial stuff that I need to wash off my make-up. Stayed till Asar before heading to the next stop – Tania’s Raya open house.

That’s Tania my former colleague in EY. She always throws an awesome open house every Raya. Fantastic buffet spread with rendang, lemang, mee rebus, char koay tiow, roasted lamb, nasi ayam, sotong kangkung, tauhu bakar, ABC, choc cake and fruits. My dinner was secured.

Saw Lin my high school classmate with her family there. Rupanya Lin’s MIL and Tania’s mum are best friends. That was the first time I met her kids. I remembered Faiqa being chubbier in her pics when she was a baby. Sekarang dah besar dah slim sikit. Mama dia pun slim juga, penat taking care of Faiqa and her baby brother agaknya.

Needless to say, after so much food, I went home bloated and sleepy.

The next day (Sunday) ada satu je open house but it was really far in Sepang. Again went with my sidekick Zaza but this time she drives. Kak Shuz’s house was in a new housing area deep in the middle of Kg. Baru Lanjut. Finding the kampung was easy thanks to GPS, but finding her house wasn’t. The kampung roads were so narrow and winding, reminding me of those in Sabak Bernam (went there once to my friend Lilik’s house during her brother’s wedding). Kalau balik rumah malam2 sure gelap gelita, takut woo.

We spent almost half an hour just berpusing-pusing around the kampung in search of the right house. Tried calling Kak Shuz but she didn’t answer. Busy layan tetamu laa tu. Called Liza for directions, she had been there before, tapi minah tu ingat2 lupa pulak. So we just belasah je jalan ikut apa instruction yang Liza bagi setakat yang dia ingat. Sampai last2 jumpa lorong paling kecik between semak kiri kanan, we asked each other nak masuk ke tak nak, then we thought Kak Shuz drives an Estima, there’s no way her car can pass through that small road which rules out the idea of her house being there. Finally after doing a bunch of u-turns and asking for directions from a kid on a bike (his response was saya pun tak tahu), a local shopkeeper (who gave us a good idea where the housing area is) and a kakak who was busy cleaning her lawn (who’s mum roughly knew which one is the house), we found the house.

Sampai2 terus serang makanan coz I was so hungry I didn’t eat anything since my open house spree the day before (it was almost 5pm when we got there so you can guess how hungry I am). Mujur makanan2 semuanya sedap dan mengenyangkan.

Orang jawa panggil pecal. Orang putih panggil salad.

Loved the sambal ayam (I had like four pieces of that alone). There’s also kuah lodeh, kuah lemak, rendang daging, sambal kacang, nasi impit, spaghetti bolognese (or javanese since I could taste chili in the sauce), garlic bread, mushroom soup and meehoon goreng. Also some kuih muih and fruits.

This is Afham, the youngest of Kak Shuz’s children. She has 7 of them. Such a cute little boy. He got along really well with me and Zaza.

Since susah payah nak jumpa rumah dia, we stayed there till almost 7pm. On the way home I was so sleepy, maybe coz I ate too much and the journey was so far (almost 50km from my place).

So that was my marvelous food-filled weekend. I called it my 1Malaysia weekend (Raya + Deepavali) and because we Malaysians love to eat and we eat any time of the day. Wow this is such a long entry, perhaps the longest I ever did. Pardon any grammar mistakes, tuan rumah ni malas nak proofread coz panjang sangat. Yeah how’s that for an irony!

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