open office

Kalau kat rumah orang buat open house, kat office nak panggil apa ah? Open office? Tapi if not the entire office yang open, but just one department, what do u call it? Open department?

Last Friday our 1st Floor neighbor Credit Control Dept buat open house. They don't invite the entire building, just certain ppl. I happen to be one of the lucky invitees coz I liaise with a few people there quite a bit. Mula2 mmg segan laa sangat nak pegi, then my boss called suruh pegi jugak. So pegi laa, but since I already ate a lot coz the kakak2 at my dept organized a pot luck, I just had kuih and fruits there. Gempak gak open house diorg, siap decorate ofis habis2an ala2 kampung gitu. Entrance letak pintu gerbang and bentang red carpet lagi.

This is our pot luck. No red carpet, just tikar mengkuang. But ok laa kan setakat kitorang je.

Dengar2 kakak2 ku itu nak plan for family day pulak. As usual I tumpang sekaki dua je la ;-)

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