nivel A2

9.45am. Sitting my car. My spanish class will start in 15mins. Lambat lagi, can lepak dulu for a bit. Aduh.. kenapa nervous semacam ni? Maybe bcoz since I got my exam result in August I haven't been speaking Spanish to anyone but myself. Kalau masuk kelas nanti cikgu buat revision on what we studied in the first level, aiyoo.. mampu jawab kah?

Dunno who's gonna be the teacher for this level. My intro level teacher was a very nice person. I bumped into the advance level teacher once, he looked so garang. Muka macam gangster. Baru tgk muka cikgu dah takut, how to study? But I bet if I get such teacher I'll study super hard bcoz I'll be extremely scared of the teacher. Woops.. it's almost time. ¡Tengo que ir a la clase ahora! (I have to go to class now!)


My class just ended. Yeay, my level A2 teacher is my previous teacher from level A1 :-) Saw several familiar faces from my A1 batch. There were also new faces from other batches. Today's class was a good start. Lots of revisions, so tak lah terkejut sangat.

Kinda a li'l sad coz I didn't see a several of my old classmates. Dario the cute Italian guy wasn't there. Neither was his good pal Ahmed from Yemen. Or the two Malaysian Indian girls who always had something funny to say.

But I've got a bunch of pretty interesting new classmates. There's a girl from Kazakhstan who looks like a Chinese but has blonde hair and grey eyes. There's another girl who says that she's from Australia but speaks English like a Filipino and definitely looks like a Filipino. The rest of my new classmates are Malaysians, among them a guy who's an engineer with Petronas, a girl who proudly told the class she's unemployed and another girl who loves dancing salsa. Together with my old classmates (or whatever left of us) we make quite an interesting group.

Well, that's about the class. On a more serious note this new level will need us to do a lot more practice with the language. No more cheating by using English when we don't know the words. Having a dictionary is a must, fortunately I just got one.

¡Buenos suerte a nosotros! (Good luck to us!)


Anonymous said...

xdak eye candy ke? hehe...

dieya said...

itulah.. my italian eye candy was nowhere to be seen :-( actually takdelah hensem mana pun mamat tu.. he just look so.. italian! i'm sure u understand ;-)