la buena vida

Last weekend there was a Latin American Film Festival at selected GSC Cinemas in Kuala Lumpur. My Spanish teacher handed out the flyers during class. The timing was perfect coz only the week before we learned how to do conversations about “going to the cinema”. Since our class ended at 1pm, me and my classmate Perrin decided to go to Mid Valley straight after class. The next available movie was “La Buena Vida @ The Good Life”, a Chilean movie, starting at 2pm.

As we were about to leave class, our teacher reminded us whoever watched any of the movies would have to tell the class about what we watched come the next class. I was pretty excited about the idea of sharing my thoughts in Spanish, so I reminded myself to take some mental notes while watching the movie.

When we got to the cinema we were quite surprised to see there was actually a pretty good crowd that came to watch the movie. Both Perrin and I thought we were the only ones who would watch this kind of stuff and that only because our teacher encouraged us to do it so we could improve our Spanish. Yet half of the hall (albeit a small hall) was full! Hmm, I guess there’s quite a prominent group of Spanish or international or independent movie followers in Malaysia (or Kuala Lumpur in particular).

So here’s a synopsis of the movie (in Spanish and English). As usual, like my other Spanish homework I had it posted online for correction by native Spanish speakers. Usually I would get a lot of corrections from many different people, especially on verb conjugation. I was surprised to see for this particular homework I got only one response:

“Pretty good, everything seems to be fine, just remember your accents.”

Yeay! My first error-free homework! Well, I do have some problems with accents – those little marks on the top of vowels that imply stress i.e. á é í ó ú – because they change when the context of the word changes. Example: “Cómpro = I buy”, but “Compró = He bought”. But still, I feel like doing a victory dance :-D

Oh, the synopsis (error-free I tell ya.. hehehe.. dancing!), here it is. If my Spanish teacher (or even anyone) reads this and find errors in it I would be so ashamed *hiding under the desk*. But anyway, if you do find any error please let me know, I do want to learn *peeking out from under the desk smiling shyly*


Va sobre las vidas de 3 personas no se conocen, pero sus vidas se tocan sin lo saben.

Teresa es medica. Esta separada. Tiene una hija, se llama Paula, tiene 15 años. Paula escribe una novela, el titulo "La Buena Vida".

Edmundo es peluquero. Vive con su madre. Necesita mucho dinero que salva la tumba de su papa.

Mario toca clarinete. Quiere un trabajo en la orquesta nacional, pero no lo puedo conseguir. Por lo tanto toca en la orquesta ejército.

Hay una prostituta y su bebé. Tiene AIDS. La prostituta va a la hospital de Teresa para obtene una medicina para su bebé, pero no tiene dinero que lo paga. Mario y Edmundo volven de sus trabajos en autobús, cuando ven un ladrón roba el bolso de una mujer. Mario sale del autobús que coge el ladrón pero no lo pilla, en cambio encontra la cadáver de la prostituta. Mario deja su clarinete en el autobús. Edmundo lo quita y lo manda al ejército.

La película es bastante aburrida. No tiene fin clara.


It is about 3 people who don't know each other, but their lives touche one another without them knowing it.

Teresa is a doctor. She's separated. She has a 15 year old daughter named Paula who writes a novel entitled "A Beautiful Life".

Edmundo is a hairdresser. He lives with his mother. He needs a lot of money to save his father's grave.

Mario plays clarinet. He wants a job with the national orchestra, but he can't get it. Therefore he plays for the army orchestra.

There's a prostitute and her baby. She has AIDS. The prostitute goes to Teresa's hospital to get a medicine for her baby, but she has no money to pay for it. Mario and Edmundo are returning from work on a bus, when they see a thief steals a woman's purse. Mario unboard the bus to catch the thief but he can't get him, instead he find the prostitute's body. Mario leaves his clarinet on the bus. Edmundo takes it and returns it to the army.

The movie is quite boring. It has no clear ending.

By the way, here’s a trailer of the movie. Got it from Youtube.


Erin said...

altho i dont understand a word of it (except for a few words here and there i.e bebe, una, vidas and the most obvious; hospital...hik), congrats mate...

dieya said...

hahaha thanks mate! didn't get to share the essay in class, but nevermind, as long i know that i did well that's good enough for me ^_^