the earth trembled yet again

Just only recently (sometime last in Jul/Aug I think) there was an earthquake in Sumatra. Yesterday evening around 6:20pm another one happened. I was in the office, sitting at my workstation, and I felt the building trembled. Saw the cute bun-shaped thingy (yesterday's gift) that I pinned on my board swaying from side to side. Alamak, I thought those shaky-building scares only happen at KLCC. Kerja kat bangunan 5 tingkat serupa kotak kasut pun rasa gegar jugak ke?

Funny thing is at that time of the day the hangar area is usually very noisy with engine testing. So there I was, thinking kuatnya diorang test engine sampai bergegar opisku. Moreover there was thunderbird practice earlier. So I thought engine testing + thunderbird practice = building swaying. Then baru terpikir nak check CNN website and Y! News. Terpampang besar gedabak news about 7.6 mag earthquake that just hit Sumatra. Na'uzubillah.

Lately rasa macam selalu je earthquake scare kan? I think when I was a kid earthquake was almost unheard of. Tsunami apatah lagi. Akuto dan Minami tau la.

Suddenly feel like singing Zainal Abidin's song. Ooh.. kulihat hijau..


Anonymous said...

mate...been meaning to ask, where's ur opis? dekat dgn hangar. seram ek dpt rs tremor...aku dok on the east coast alhamdulillah xpenah rs apa2. tp itulaa, lately byk sgt earthquake. ms kecik2 jarang2 sgt je kan. bala Allah turunkan supaya kita semua sedar...wallahualam

dieya said...

ha'ah.. my ofc dekat dengan hangar, but i don't sit inside the hangar lah kan. itulah.. rasa paranoid sket skrg.. gegar sikit jek i immediately think.. isk earthquake ke? padahal lori kontena pass by ;-)