beyonce live kl postponed!

Beyonce’s concert has been postponed! Thank goodness I didn’t get a ticket yet. Still undecided to go or not to go when I saw my friend’s FB status about the postponement. Kelakar pulak bila Emma kata tailor Beyonce tak abih jahit baju lagik, maklumlaa biasanya jahit baju tak cukup kain. Ni nak jahit baju cover semua kena lama sket ye tak? Lisa plak kata Beyonce merajuk ngan PAS, nak tunggu PAS pujuk. Tahun bila laa agaknya Nik Aziz nak gi pujuk Beyonce, tunggu Beyonce jadik menantu dia laa.

According to Y! News, "The postponement is solely (the) decision of the artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons," the concert organizers said in the statement. Personally I don’t think it’s because of the protest. Remember MJ’s concert many years ago? The protest was way bigger back then, still the concert went through. I think they had to postpone Beyonce’s because of weak ticket sales. Usually when there’s huge concert in town I can always feel the vibe among my friends who love to watch live shows. They will be the first to talk about it, to tell everyone to get the tix and to be super excited about the entire thing. So when I don’t feel much vibe from these people, I kind of know it’s not going to be a success. Same happened to Enrique Iglesias concert, postponed days before the show, I didn’t feel the vibe back then either. The ones that I did feel the vibe like Linkin Park, Westlife, even Celine Dion, their concerts went through with huge success.

Whatever it is, I’m quite sad that the concert is postponed. I rather not Malaysia be like Iran, no concert, limited supply of international music, forcing all their women to wear hijab etc. In the end all the Iranians I knew (yes ALL of them and mind you I know quite a number especially from my school) they don’t even pray 5 times a day, they don’t fast during Ramadan, the ladies wear nail polish all the time (how to pray when you wear that?) etc. All because they want to rebel against the so-called Islamic government. You can’t force people to live a religion, it has to grow into them. When you force, people rebel.

I would have said more, especially about so many hijab-wearing women spend their free time badmouthing others, surau-going men who use prayer time as an excuse to take extended break from work, and those people who think they are so religious they look down to others when there’s no certainty that if themselves will end up in heaven. Remember the old story about a pious guy and a prostitute? The pious guy who lived his entire life worshipping Allah ended up in hell because at the end of his life he committed a huge sin and he did not repent. The prostitute meanwhile went to heaven because she truly regretted the sins she committed, she asked for Allah’s forgiveness and He mercifully answered.

So don’t you ever think if today you wear hijab, you perform solat five times a day, you pay zakat, you fast during Ramadan, hence you already have a backstage pass to heaven. No, nothing is guaranteed. Yes, your good deeds will help you, but not until the day you die will you know where your will end up. Similarly, don’t think that just because someone wears a short skirt today she’ll surely burn in hell. One day she might repent and she might even end up being a better Muslim than you are.

Stop spending your time badmouthing people whose behavior you don’t consent, spend more time learning why they behave that way and start educating them in a considerate manner. I say EDUCATE, not forcing them, not scaring them, not giving them cynical remarks. The best education is by example, show how well you do as a Muslim, how you can still relate to their lifestyle even while staying true to Islamic values. Islam is easy, don’t complicate it.

So there you go, my two cents worth. Let’s pray that Allah will keep us on the right track not just for now, but until the day we die.


sheri said...

This post surely worth more than two cents. i can't agree enough! all those konon pious people i know who always judged me should read this entry. :)

dieya said...

itulah.. i really don't understand those kind of people. they act as if they are a level closer to Allah than other people just bcoz they wear hijab and pray and fast. but what about other things? they badmouth other people, they cut corners when doing their work (abandoning responsibility - isn't that a sin?), they don't listen to their husbands etc.

and one more thing that i really can't tolerate - they use relegion as an excuse! prayer room becomes a place to chit chat with collegues, skip from work, even sleep. fasting month becomes an excuse to come late to work and not being productive. many more examples we can see around us everyday.

are these behaviours are actually "Malay" or "Islam"? do other Muslims in different parts of the world behave like this? of is it just classic Melayu Yang Memang Pemalas Syndrome?