and the amazing race continues!

…continued from previous post, before you proceed make sure you read the previous one first!

Since we reached the pit stop early, we had a long lunch break. After what seemed like an iron man marathon (yeah yeah I’m exaggerating), a few hours sitting in my air-conditioned office was pure bliss. From 16 teams, 8 teams had been eliminated at the pit stop. The eighth (last) team that made it through was from our department, so our boss was happy, 2 representatives from Expenditure Accounting made it into the next leg.

Lunch was served at 12:30pm. We had beryani rice with chicken curry, beef rendang and veges. After Zuhur we gathered back at Canteen C to continue the race. But first there was a speech from our CFO (he wasn’t there in the morning). He announced that he would personally add another RM100 to the prize money. Motivation! Then the race resumed.

Sixth task:

Each team to stand in a line. The person in front got a cup filled with water. The rest got empty cups. We had to pass the water to each other until we reach the finish line. The rule was if a person was holding a cup filled with water, he/she couldn’t move. So to pass the water we had to keep pouring it into each other’s cups. The trick was to keep the water level higher than the line in the cup, or we had to start again.

Looked easy but not really, especially coz they gave us polystyrene cups that sort of changed shape if we held it to hard. So it was really easy to spill the water while transferring it, had to do it oh so slowly and carefully. Fortunately we made it to the finish line on our first try, though we were probably the second or third team to do so.

Then off we go to the next task. Fortunately it was still at Canteen C. Couldn’t imagine if we had to run somewhere with stomachs full of beryani.

Seventh task:

Another detour: balloon or ball. For balloon, one person had to be blindfolded and guided by one of his/her team members only by voice into the play area. He/she had to blow two balloons of different colors and tie them. For ball, the team had to shoot the ball into a net or something; I didn’t read the clue carefully. Since all of us were bad at shooting balls so it didn’t take us long to decide that we were going to do balloons.

Niva volunteered to be blindfolded. I guided her to the table in the play area. Thanks to my shrieking voice she had no problem listening to my directions (those karaoke sessions did make a difference.. hahaha). Niva did an awesome job with the balloons. She’s a mum of two, mummies throw birthday parties all the time, she got the balloons done only with a few blows!

Next clue – go to Admin 2 meeting room on the 5th Floor. Now we had to run!

Eighth task:

In the spirit of 1Malaysia we had to draw a Malaysian flag and MAS logo.

I drew the MAS logo using Niva’s staff ID as reference. Kak Shuz drew the Malaysian flag. There was only one brush given to each team, so the rest of us had to use our fingers to color.

Once we were done, we had to bring our drawings to Admin 2 Ground Floor for our next task.

Ninth task:

Each team was given a piece of plastic string about 1.5 meters long. We had to walk together towards Canteen C while holding the string and our masterpieces. If any of them dropped, we had to return to Admin 2 Ground Floor and redo it again (no way!).

Encik Kamal led the pack. He walked so fast we kept screaming asking him to slow down! It was already tough having to walk sideways, what more doing it while holding string and papers.

When we reached Canteen C, our boss was there cheering us to hurry up. Coming boss! We were given the next clue, but before that we had to hang our masterpieces with our ketupat and tanglung from the morning’s task. Done! What’s next?

Tenth task:

This had to be the toughest task for me – eating oranges! Each of us had to finish an orange per person. We were already full from beryani, remember? Fortunately I didn’t finish up the beryani, so I had a bit of space left in my stomach for the orange. Well I do love oranges, but having to eat one so fast with everyone watching – not so easy!

Liza holding the trash box for us while we were busy peeling oranges. The moment I put the orange in my mouth, everyone was scraming “Chew! Chew! Swallow! Swallow!”, my God so much pressure! Right there and then I knew how those people in Fear Factor felt when they had to eat maggots, snails, pig’s nose whatsoever. There I was only eating oranges and I already felt like vomiting my guts out! I was the last one from my team to finish swallowing my oranges. By that time the other team was already tailing us (pressure!). What to do, I had good table manners (of course my teammates weren’t impressed by that at that point in time!). My boss came cheering “Hurry up Nadiah! Just swallow it!”. Talk about bigger pressure! I glanced at the next team, Rahimi was still struggling with his fist bite. That calmed me down a bit, as long as I could finish this faster than him, we would still be ahead. Focus! Chew! Swallow! Done!

Argh! Finally we were given the next clue. Oh wait, it told us to go to the final pit stop! Alrightey! We ran towards Sharan who was waiting at the pit stop right at the stage. As soon as we got there she announced “WE HAVE A WINNER! CONGRATULATIONS BUMBLEBEE!” Yeay!!!

We won! Jump! Scream! Yeay! We really really won! Couldn’t believe it! But we did! Oh credit to Kak Rozi who nicely edited this photo :-)

We sat down together to catch some breath while waiting for other teams to arrive. Encik Kamal looked stunned, he didn’t expect to win.. hahaha.. in fact that morning while we were getting ready for the race he was still trying to get someone to replace him!

The organizers served cendol for tea break which was yummy. Then we had the prize giving ceremony. All 16 teams went home with something.

The proud team leader (that’s me!) receiving the prize money from our FSS GM. Funny, the youngest (and shortest, ugh!) of the team was the team leader, but hey, whatever worked!

After all was done we went back to the office, all tired and happy! Took a group photo with the entire department.

With our prize money, ketupat, tanglung and masterpieces. Not bad eh!

Since the prize money wasn’t a million bucks (duh!) instead of splitting it among the five of us we decided to throw a lunch treat for our department. So today we’ll have free Western style lunch :-)

Yippie.. happy.. we won.. and free lunch today!


Erin said...

haaa, dah agak dah your group won...i knew it! congrats mate! sound like lotsa fun...

dieya said...

thank you!! though we didn't get a million bucks, it FELT like getting a million bucks! so much fun! try organizing one at ur school, the kids will enjoy it. but it could be a logistical nightmare for the orginizers ;-)

Erin said...

yup, was thinking the same thing...sure seronok kalo buat masa english camp ke, but mcm nightmare je all the preparations hik. but will give it a try tho.. :)