the amazing race - MH style

Last Thursday it was all fun and games at the office. How often can you get that, right? Our division (Finance Support Services) had our very own version of The Amazing Race. 16 teams contested. My team (we called ourselves “Bumblebee”, name given by Encik Kamal coz his son’s a big fan of Transformers) consisted of 5 people – me, Kak Shuz, Niva, Encik Li and Encik Kamal.

We gathered at Canteen C opposite my office. The day started with a breakfast session (Malaysians being Malaysians – we must eat together whenever we have the chance) and speeches from the big bosses. Then the race flags off! Go! Go! Go!

First task:

Count how many triangles and squares. Fortunately between the five of us we had done many similar brain teasers, so it was pretty easy for us.

How many? Big triangles? Small squares? Squares within squares? We got the answer right after 2 tries, which was good considering some other teams took quite some time to figure it out.

Second task:

Go all the way from Canteen C to Café 727. Meaning we had to run across the tennis court, climb up and down the overhead bridge (the steps are so high!), cross the double-lane highway, climb up the café entrance and run towards the café’s back door amidst the breakfast crowd. Whoa! Enough exercise for the day just doing this task, ugh! We were the second team to get to the Café 727 (thanks to Niva’s long legs she got there ahead of the rest of us to book that second spot).

It’s a detour – counting sweets or papers. If we were to count sweets we had to group them into the different types/flavors. Papers were easier coz there was only one type of paper, so we did that one. Got the answer right on the first try! Yeay!

Third task:

Run back to Canteen C (what?!) and make ketupat, tanglung and kolum.

Me and Kak Shuz did the ketupat, Encik Li and Encik Kamal did the tanglung, Niva started with the kolum and all of us helped to finish it off. We were sweating so much the kolum got wet!

Fourth task:

Run to Expenditure Accounting meeting room. It was a roadblock. Kak Shuz and Encik Li did this one.

A memory test – remember the things in the room and go to another room to answer some questions. Not as easy as we thought. Since I didn't have to do anything, took a break and had a drink (after all the running!).

Fifth task:

Run (again!) to Maybank ATM at multistory car park. This was an intersection. We were the second team so the first team had to wait for us to combine forces.

A broken telephone game. Those were the words that we had to pass to each other. Guess what we passed, “She sells seashells on the seashore”. Hahaha totally wrong! So we had to do a penalty. Each group had to sing a song.

We sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, the other group sang “Negaraku”.

Then off we go to the pit stop – Admin 2 Ground Floor. Run! Run! Though both groups finished the same time, Hazian from the other group ran faster than any of us, so my group reached there second :-( But when we reached there, no one was there! Where was the pit stop mat? Where were the organizers? No one was there at the pit stop! I had to call Liza (who was one of the organizing committee member) to tell them that we were already there. After a while, Sharan (one of the organizers) came. Had to wait for her to prepare the mat. They didn’t expect us to reach the pit stop so early. One question before we could step onto the mat. What was 7+3+9+7? The other group said 27. Wrong! I quickly raised my hand and said 26. Right!

We were officially the first team to reach the pit stop. Yeay!

Break for lunch and prayers. The race continued after lunch. Want to know how we fared finally?

…to be continued, stay tuned!


Erin said...

waah, hebat! what happened next...cant wait to find out!

dieya said...

it was so much fun! the next part will be up soon, stay tuned!