sticky keyboard

Have u experienced a sticky keyboard? U know, when the keys somehow got stuck and you can’t figure out how to unstuck them?

There was a funny incident at work when Kak Rosmah's shift key got stuck. So when click her mouse on something, the entire row or column or group of icons got selected along. Naturally she was upset by it, in addition to the fact that had lots of things to do with monthly accounts closing coming up. A number of us tried to demonstrate whatever IT skills we had to help her, but nothing worked. She tried restarting her computer a few times, still the same. I had no idea how she finally got it fixed, but I didn’t hear her complaining about it anymore the next morning. Perhaps the computer just needed an overnight rest.

It reminded me on the incident when I once spilled coffee on my notebook. As a result the entire left side if the keyboard got stuck. When the coffee dried, I tried to punch in letters QAZWSX and other keys around them. It took me more than a few of attempts to crunch the crystallized sugar underneath the keys. Only after a few weeks they became normal.

There was a time when I really liked eating cream crackers while working. Therefore their tiny flakes often ended up in between or under the keys. When I send my notebook for software installation or fixing, the MIS technician often complaint “Aiyoo what you do laa, eat on you laptop is it?”

Mobile phone keypads can also get sticky. Liza’s keypad for number 2 and letters A, B and C is stuck. Imagine not being able to text using the letter A, such an important letter especially in Malay language. She said told me if she needed to text anyone she had to create words that do not require the letter A! Hahaha! Or she had to invent variants of spelling the words that would make sense to the receiver, i.e. call me = kol me. We finally found her some solutions, use 4 as a substitute to A and 8 for B. For C, just leave it behind, only a few Malay words use C anyway, English doesn’t use many either.

Many mobile phones now come with touch screen. Even computer keyboards have touch boards (is it already in the market or did I see it in some articles on innovation?). Wonderful inventions I must say.

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